Video tutorial: How to insert an opt-in into your sidebar

How to insert an opt-in into your sidebar

In this short + easy tutorial, I will teach you step-by-step how to insert an opt-in into your sidebar; it also works with images and I’ll show you examples for both cases. You will also learn how to upload images to the Media Library and resize them within WordPress.

Have the opt-in form code you want to use from MailChimp/Aweber/etc. ready to go, peeps! We’ll be copying and pasting it into your text widget before you can say, “I’m out of bananas again?!” Or something less random.

If you want to insert an image into your sidebar, you’ll need the image, of course, and if you want people to be taken somewhere when they click on it, have that link ready too (I didn’t because I was being adventurous, but it’s good to have a plan, folks!).

As far as your image, either have it cropped so it fits well into your sidebar or crop it within the WordPress media library itself — I’ll show you how! That’s a lil extra how-to I threw in there. Cuz who doesn’t like extra stuff, amirite? (Also because — oops — I used a ginormous image and had to fix it for ya. Mah bad! And now you get a new tip from yours truly to make up for it!)

As promised, here is your code:

<a href=”LINK” target=”_blank”>
<img src=”photo URL” alt=”some_text”/>

Got questions for your Website Superhero? Post below! And if you’d like to learn something in one of my video tutorials, just holla below!

12 Responses to Video tutorial: How to insert an opt-in into your sidebar

  1. Loved your video!! :)

    In terms of sidebars, I was wondering how to add testimonials that rotate. (The ones that switch from one testimonial to the next and so on, automatically.) Not sure if that’s a plugin or not!

    Thanks a bunch!

    • Hey Jennifer!

      Yay, so glad you loved it! :)

      Yes, rotating testimonials can be custom coded or you can use a plugin ;)

  2. Nat!! This was amazing as usual! Trying to figure this out would’ve taken me days on my own! And thank you SO much for the shout out! Love you too lady!

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