Video tutorial: Use this free plugin to secure your WordPress site

Use this free plugin to secure your WordPress site
Protect your website from unsafe sidewalks.
Let me introduce you to a rad free plugin called Wordfence to secure your WordPress site from attacks and help keep it safe, warm, and cozy (too much?).
Sure, it’s not a sexy topic, but let me tell you what’s even more unsexy (and panic-inducing and a total pain in the buuuttt!): getting your website hacked and losing clients because of it. Losing all the content you worked so damn hard to create. All gone, poof.
It will bring you tears. It will make you want to tear your hair out. And it will require spending a ton of cash when you pay someone to restore it (if that’s even possible) or loads of time (and money, yes) to recreate all the content — copy, e-commerce and other integrations, images, blah blah blah.
Did I scare you? Good. (Mwahahahah! Yeah, I’m kinda evil. JK!)
I’ve got a short and easy peasy video tutorial for you here on how to use Wordfence, a free WordPress plugin that will help secure your WordPress site from malware, infections, and more.


What Wordfence will do for you

  • Once you install it, click on the blue “scan” button. Both the free and the paid ($39/yr) versions of this plugin will then scan your entire website code to check for malware, infections, etc. — even weak passwords!  
  • If you give it your email address at the beginning, Wordfence will email you whenever it detects a problem with your site. Genius.
  • Once the scan is completed, scroll down to find any problems and recommendations on how to fix them.

Bam, you’re done.
By the way! You should also check out a previous blog post I wrote with general tips on how to secure your site from attacks. It covers how to strengthen your passwords, why you should change your admin username, and more. Because remember: website attacks are like a hurricane for your sanity. Psst — I now recommend Wordfence over Better WP Security, the plugin mentioned in that blog post.

Over to you: Have you used Wordfence? Share your experience in the comments!


21 Responses to Video tutorial: Use this free plugin to secure your WordPress site

  1. Oh boy! I’m a slacker when it comes to WordPress security, and I know that’s awful! You’ve definitely inspired me to be more proactive!

    This is on my Needs To Get Done Now List!! I do have a backup plugin that works pretty well, but may have to look into the BackUp Buddy plugin.

    Thanks again for the tutorial!! Your videos always rock!

    • Hi Jennifer! Ha, yeah, that’s common, don’t worry. But I’m glad you’re getting on that! And thanks so much for watching! <3

  2. If you are just beginning to design your site, should the WordFence plug in go in before, during or after the design is completed? Does it matter? Any compatability issues?

    • Hey Lisa! Have it up and running from the very beginning, unless you’re working on it on a local host, meaning it’s not online, so it’s not at risk. I’m not aware of any compatibility issues. Lemme know how it goes! Godspeed ;)

    • I used Better WP Security for a long time but it kept messing up my htaccess files and making my website crash… Thanks for watching, Sandee!

  3. OMG I would NEVER do this crap without you. It’s like pulling teeth to get me over into my plugins! But….you rock and make it easy peasy and I just went and installed it and did a scan so thank you!! Please keep making me do this (hahaha!)

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