What gives a website game-changer status? Or, how to have a website that sells

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Oh, a “website that sells.” The ultimate dream. It’s what we all aim for — so we can work from anywhere we damn well please, like a park or the beach on a bright sunny day! Mmmm — but only few achieve.

Maybe you don’t have a website. Or maybe you do, but…

  • You don’t have the conversion rates you want, a.k.a. people aren’t signing up to your mailing list or you aren’t making enough sales
  • Honestly, it’s kinda ugly
  • It’s not responsive (people can’t read it comfortably on their phones or iPads)
  • You have other problems with it

So what can you do about it?

How can you make your website a game-changer for your business?

Here are 4 powerful strategies to a website that sells

Strategic opt-in forms

To build a mailing list and fill it with loyal subscribers and potential customers, you’ll need strategically placed and designed opt-in forms. You’ll need at least two. You’ll need them to be prominent. And you’ll need to use them wisely. (It’s just like eating gummy bears: you don’t wanna eat ‘em all at once and get sick; you want to chew up huge handfuls of ‘em between swigs of your oh-so-healthy green juice. Maybe this is the wrong simile.)

Give people something for signing up, too: a meditation, smoothie recipes, or even just your beautiful gray matter splattered across a (web)page via stimulating blog posts.

So where do you put these opt-in forms? I bet you’ve heard where some of this “prime real estate” is: the top of your sidebar, the end of your blog posts, the header (above the fold, meaning you’ll see it before you scroll down), the footer, in your About page, as a pop-up, etc. But you don’t need 100 opt-ins on your site. I suggest three or more (which is why my Game-Changer website package includes three custom opt-ins).

You don’t need to go cray on this. But you do need to do it (get some opt-ins up and running, not go cray).

For the love of Xena, make your website user-friendly

This will undoubtedly be a game-changer for your business. And how do you do it?

Make your navigation (menu bar) clear, your content easily findable, and your whole freakin’ website responsive (easy to read on phones and tablets). I cannot even tell you how many websites I click away from on a regular basis when I’m on my phone. If everything’s distorted or I have to scroll around to find things, I’m gone. We’re all lazy these days and ADHD abounds. Ooh, shiny! Gone. Like puppies in a restaurant.

Make people less likely to want to leave by making things as easy to navigate as possible. This is why both of my website packages leave you with a website that looks rad on any size device, whether it’s a screen as big as a yacht or a chipmunk face-sized iPhone screen.

Compelling graphics + design

There’s a lot of psychology behind colors, fonts, and images. Pick images and use custom graphics that embody and convey the right feeling and message. They need to have a purpose and especially your header — the first thing people see on your site. Look, people make judgments based on what products look like. We all know this. It’s why you’re more likely to make out with an ugly guy when you have beer goggles on. But your website visitors aren’t wearing them.

If you DIY’d your site and don’t understand the psychology behind design, you’re leaving lots of cash on the table. Sadface.

So don’t give me a header made in Picmonkey. I don’t want to be mean (but I will be): I’ve seen some ugly-ass headers people made with Picmonkey. If you’re not a graphic designer or even a web designer, leave it to the pros.

So get a graphic designer on your side. I work with expert graphic designers to get you excellent graphics every time (included in both of my website packages). Go pro or go home!

Resource pages

Everybody needs a Home page, an About page, a Services page, and a Contact page. But what about resource pages? (YOU GUESSED IT: you need those too!) The more gripping content you have, the more people will search for additional similar content on your website. By the way, your Blog page won’t do it because, while it’s displaying your latest posts, it’s probably not displaying your best ones. That’s what a Resource page is for. Gather your best stuff and show it off. My Game Changer website package includes up to 10 pages exactly for this reason: want 5 Resource pages? You got ‘em.

There you have it: 4 sweet strategies to give a website game-changer status, a.k.a. have a website that sells.

Want your own website that sells? Check out my custom superhero website packages and we’ll make it happen!

9 Responses to What gives a website game-changer status? Or, how to have a website that sells

  1. This is a great list, Natalia! Especially love the tip about a Resource page. I just added a ‘Start Here’ page to my site which is a sort of resource page but I’ve also seen a great tech resource page on some other sites that I LOVE. May add that to my to-do list :)

  2. Gah. I don’t have any of these things. But I also don’t have a banner created in picMonkey. Because I don’t have a banner at all. Baby steps, right?

    • Oh, yeah. Baby steps. You’ll get there, Beth! And you know where to find me if I can be of help :)

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