Behind the scenes: Creating your great website with Website Superhero

Creating a great website with Nat, Website Superhero

I’ve been getting this question a lot from some lovely peeps who wanna work with me: “What’s your process?” “What’s it like to work with you?”
So I’m pulling back the proverbial veil and giving you a peek behind the scenes on how I work with sharp and driven world-changers like you, to design and code you a new, excellent website or make the one you have 1,000x better to get you more clients, spread your reach (and impact!), and bring in a lot more money while you’re at it.
So you can buy a plane ticket to explore Italy for a month, Eat Pray Love style — and work from there if you wish! (Because … delicious food, hot men, etc. galore? Yes, please!)
Let’s get this par-tay goin’.

Here’s what it’s like to work Website Superhero


Our first call

First, you book your complimentary 30-minute intro session for us to discuss your needs. I’ll find clarity in what you want to achieve in your biz in regards to your website and together we’ll see if we’d be “perfect partners” for it.
Because I fully believe that if it doesn’t feel right, we shouldn’t move forward. Call me “woo woo” if you want, got no problems with that! It’s how I make sure we’ll have a blast & I get to run a biz I’m crazy about.

The proposal

We’ll pick an ideal start date and I’ll send you my proposal for your project within 48 business hours.
You’ll see that I love being thorough. Think of it as a long love poem with bullet points …for your business.

Contract + deposit

Once you accept the proposal, a deposit of 25-50% of the total payment will be charged up-front to lock your project into my schedule.
We’ll both sign a digital contract detailing our project scope. I save paper (and our time!) whenever possible.

Welcome Package + Welcome/Best Practice call

Upon our start date, you’ll receive your Welcome Package with: 

  • An overview of what to expect, how to get in touch (I’m available on Skype for you as needed!), etc.
  • Your Superhero Website Planning Workbook to give you an introduction to the process (colors, typography, layouts, the works!)
  • An invite to my stellar project management system (plus a video tutorial on how to navigate it). We’ll use it to upload and store all files, task lists, and messages (instead of email) so everything’s in one place, to streamline the process and keep things organized so we don’t miss a thing. You’ll love it.
  • Your detailed questionnaire to dive into the purpose of your website, how it should work, etc.
  • And more!

What is this exotic “Welcome/Best Practice Call,” you ask?
This is a collaboration and I can’t do this without you! So I designed a brief call for us to run through exactly how we’re gonna work together, housekeeping rules, and more — to help make sure it all runs smoothly. 

You submit all your materials

You’ll upload all of your copy, images, etc. to the project management system before I begin designing & building your website.
I need all your content before I begin because it’s the foundation around which I build the website. So if I were to start with dummy text and then upload and format your copy, the structure of the website — the layout or formatting — may have to change as well, which would incur extra costs and delay our project. And I wanna get you your website ASAP because I want you to bring your A-game to the table every time and kick major ass!
Need help putting your copy together? Ask me about my Copy Accountability + Timeline mini-service!

Superhero Strategy Session

Time for us to plan your website to perfection, superhero!
All of my custom website packages include a 60-minute Superhero Strategy Session to make sure we create a website that works toward your business goals. We’ll dig into topics like:

  • What are the first, second, and third steps you want your ideal peeps to take when they get to your website? We’ll make it super easy for ’em.
  • What are you dying to have on it & how could we woo your peeps even more?
  • Creating your sitemap

Because a website should be a carefully and thoughtfully designed interactive sales piece that works for you & your business by guiding your visitors through the steps that you want them to take … so your prospects will become clients and subscribers.
We’re not gonna just slap up some menu options and point people to your Contact page before we show them why you’re the answer to their daily biz affirmation. We’re gonna buckle down and get this done the right way. That’s what my cape is for!


I’m now your personal Website Superhero, guiding you through the land of “I don’t know what I don’t know.” I’m gonna save you time and money and it’s gonna feel like drinking tea and eating banana nut muffins together on a Sunday afternoon. Mmmm.
We respond to each other’s messages within 48 business hours to keep our timeline and the project rolling like a boss. We’ll maintain constant, clear, and open communication throughout. I want all your questions!
Wanna get on Skype/the phone? (Your call… pun intended.) You got it!

We launch your new fab website

YUP! Once I’ve tested everything and you’re in love with your new website and have provided your written approval, I will transfer your website to your domain. (The last payment is made 45 days after the project start date or when the project is finished, whichever comes first, to help keep things on track.)
You then receive your Launch Package to wrap things up (plus, a surprise you’ll love!) and we cel-eh-brate.
Time for some bubbly or vanilla tea or chocolate cake (or all three, thankyouverymuch)! This is my party face:
Nat's party face
That’s all there is to it. I constantly strive to make it a stress-free, fun, and fruitful adventure. So Imma give you 120%! Ka-pow!

Wanna work together? Book a complimentary intro chat to see if we’d be website besties.


2 Responses to Behind the scenes: Creating your great website with Website Superhero

  1. As someone who has worked with you, I can honestly say that you are one of the most efficient designers out there. I interviewed a sh*t load of designers before hiring you, and you stood out for TWO major reasons:
    -You didn’t diddle daddle. I told you what I needed and wanted, and you gave me a proposal in less than 24 hours. This showed me that I was a priority and that you were interested in what I wanted to do.

    -Secondly and most importantly, you believed in me and my work. You saw my vision and you got it.

    That was so amazing because I was at the point of frustration. I needed to have someone that got me. And you were it girlfriend.

    • Connie! It was such a pleasure to work with and support you! You are doing amazing, world-changing
      work. And the fact that I could be a part of it has been an honor. No kidding. I believe in you and your work (and I’m so happy you picked up on that!). You are part of the solution, woman!

      So thank you very much for your words! And hugsies <3

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