What you need before I can build you a website that sells

What you need before I can build you a website that sells

After dozens of nights going to bed as the sun crawls out of the horizon, continuing to refine my skills, and adding a brilliant graphic designer to my team, I’m booked out for another month and have just 4 spots available to work with me before 2015.

In the process, I’ve become increasingly familiar with what makes a website work FOR you and bring in the best customers — my part is up to me, but for the strategy and design to work, a large part is up to you!

Here’s what you need before I can be your personal Website Superhero

A solid idea for your business

Here’s the thing: if you’re still figuring out what you wanna do, a website will be useless: your design and strategy will require tweaking within a few months as your biz evolves. And then you’d need to start over and shell out more time and money.

Know who your ideal client is

If you don’t know who you’re targeting, your website will probably be a big #fail (yeap, with an obnoxious hashtag!). It’s key to know who your peeps are to craft a compelling look + feel and get people going, “Holy batsh*t Batman! This gal knows exactly what I like! I gotta check out her services RIGHT NOW.”

Commit to having all your copy (text) and images ready by our start date

You may not yet have all your copy or great photos taken. That’s cool. We can set a start date that’ll give you enough time to prepare everything so we can get going with a BANG.

Commit to getting back to me within 48 business hours

And I’ll do the same! Let’s keep the ball rollin’!

A git ‘er done attitude

You’re a go-getter, don’t let excuses get in the way, and have dreams as big and grand as the Pacific. If this is you, we’d make a mighty fine team, world-changer. Like chocolate + almond butter. Or puppies + cuddles.

You don’t need this before I can build you a website that sells

Techie knowledge

Beginners welcome!

Having been in business for several years

It doesn’t matter where you are in your biz, and I love guiding you through the process no matter where you are!

Having every single aspect of your biz figured out

Businesses evolve over time. I totally get that — I’m on the same boat! But the basics need to be there so your website can do its job.

Meet the requirements + want your own personal Website Superhero? Click here to schedule a quick + fun intro chat to see if we’re a spectacular fit!

eiffel tower website that sells

If we’re a rad fit, I’d looove to make you a website that sells by getting you more clients –> makes your bank account happier …so you can train freely for that race coming up and take an extra vacation to Paris (can you say macarons, Madame? Mmmmm.). There are four three spots left for 2014 and prices are going up in 2015.

Why do I need all this stuff, anyway?

Because I’m a control freak.


Here’s my story: I started out as a newb with barely any rules for my first clients. And that — as you would expect — bred a lot of mayhem, including headaches, hair-pulling, and regret. Problems included projects being dragged out for months (try 6!) and emails taking weeks to be returned by my clients.

And that’s unacceptable and unfair to both parties. You live, you learn. So now I have rules.

These rules are in place to look after both you and I, because the best thing that can happen is to get this project done on time so you can start getting more clients — so we both must do our part.

Ready for a website that’s a game-changer for your biz? Click here to book an intro chat.  

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