How to tell if your website is responsive

How to tell if your website is responsive
Responsive design is all the rage — and for fantabulous reason: 60% or more of the peeps visiting your website are doing so from their phones or tablets.
If your visitors have to scroll around up and down and left to right to find out who you are and how you can help them, they’re …wait for it… not gonna! You gotta treat these peeps like your favorite celebrity (hi, Kathleen Hanna!) when they get to your site, not give ‘em homework.
Without a responsive website, you’re essentially repelling 6 out of every 10 potential customers.
Including me: when I get outta bed in the morning and head to the bathroom, my tablet’s coming with me. (TMI? HA.) And if your site demands that I zoom in and out, I’m outta there, coffee or no coffee in my system.
It’s like giving your website B.O. on a first date. Disastrous.
So it’s pretty damn important that you give your audience a sweet user experience by making your site comfortable to navigate on phones and tablets. Check.
If you’re not sure your site fits the sexy bill, this is for you, sister.

How to tell if your website is responsive


Hop on over to a mobile device emulator

Try Screenfly, BrowserStack, or Mobile Phone Emulator. Just enter your URL and check how your site looks on different devices. Don’t forget to try both landscape and vertical modes!

Go old school

Grab your phone and tablet and check. Ta-dah!
This is actually the most accurate method and the one I use, myself, on all kinds of devices; and if I don’t have one of ‘em, I bug a friend and ask them to check. (Shameless!)
Check many devices, not just the one you have, because your visitors may very well be using something else — the second-to-latest model of the ubiquitous iPhone, an old iPad with a broken screen, or a sleek new Samsung tablet (*raises hand*). Wondering which ones your peeps use the most? Good ol’ Google Analytics will solve the mystery for ya.
Also, navigate to your site on your computer, too, and resize your browser window by dragging and dropping the corner.
If you were wondering how to tell if your website is responsive, there you have it.

What if you don’t have a responsive website?

57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a website that isn’t optimized for mobile devices. Those are shitty odds.
If you’re one of the unfortunate many with a website that blows on mobile…

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