DIY website mistakes (and how to avoid them)

DIY website mistakes and how to avoid them

If you’re DIYing your website, boy oh boy do I have a treat for you.

Here’s how this blog post is gonna work:

  1. I’m gonna give you an overview here of the most common DIY website mistakes
  2. You get access to a full webinar replay (for free!) below on how to avoid said mistakes

BTW the webinar is actually — from start to finish, mind you — filled with useful information. Not our bios or sales pitches. WHAT A CONCEPT, right?


DIY website mistakes

Design + information architecture

  • Too many fonts: yes, there’s a magic number of fonts to go for and I’m gonna tell you what it is.
  • Too many colors: same deal here with your colors!
  • Clutter on the page: no clear call-to-action (CTA) means people don’t take the action you want them to, and you leave oodles of subscribers and money on the table. Each page will ideally have one CTA. I’ll tell you how to go about picking what to keep and what to discard on each page of your site.

Website care & maintenance (WordPress)

  • Not putting backups in place: I recommend daily database backups and weekly full backups. I’ll tell you what all this means exactly, how to get them going, and why you need ‘em!
  • Too many plugins: I’ll share the simple solution here, my friends.
  • A lack of security measures to keep hackers out: we’ll talk about what you need to think about and implement.
  • Ignoring updates
  • Skipping keywords when blogging: I’ll talk about what this means, how to go about choosing keywords, and how the plugin SEO by Yoast can help you.

How to avoid those DIY website mistakes

CLICK HERE to watch the webinar replay where I talk with biz & systems expert Mallie Rydzik of Systems Scientist in detail about all the above topics and more so you can DIY your website with confidence (and sans the mistakes).
The webinar dives into every point mentioned above in detail and in addition explores many related ones, such as:

  • How to apply the “one call-to-action per page” rule to your website
  • Lightbox opt-in forms vs. regular opt-in forms
  • Whether or not to include a sidebar on your blog
  • The best tools for backups and security

Get instant access to the full replay for free right here. 

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Pssst… here are some resources mentioned in the webinar for you to check out later:

Get the free webinar replay here.

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    • Dania, so happy to hear that you found it excellent! Fantastic, m’lady. Come back here (or via email/FB/Twitter) anytime with your questions if they arise as you implement :)

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