Why you should hire a web designer

WHY you should hire a web designer

I won’t lie: if you’re just starting out with your business and don’t yet know who you’re helping and how, then don’t spend thousands of dollars on a new website — because you can’t have a website that works for a biz that barely exists, and you’ll be redoing your website within a year, shaking your fist at the skies and cursing at your bad life decisions.
We don’t want that to be you.
But if you’ve got an established business and brand, my dear superhero, you need to hire a web designer/developer (in this post I’ll use “web designer” for short). And Imma tell you why.
Whether you’ve got a solid, blooming business and are ready to command higher rates, or are switching gears and looking to rebrand, it’s an important time to bring in somebody with the requisite brains + talent to not only make you look fantastic online to impress your ideal clients, but who also will protect you and your reputation with strategy + knowhow.
This, mind you, is what makes the big investment worthwhile.

If this is you, here’s why you should hire a web designer:


1. Design knowhow

Sure, designers “make things look pretty.” But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: pretty alone won’t sell. Your design needs to be strategic in order to work for you. It needs to be good design.
This is what a designer does: craft something for you based on your message and ideal clients, not just on your personal love of navy and Prada purses. Because it needs to actually appeal to your target audience (go figure!).
Your visual brand isn’t so much about you as it is about your ideal clients. Or that’s how it should be if you want your website to sell, anyway.
Designers pay a lot of money to become experts at dominance, hierarchy, kerning, you name it — they don’t f*ck around. This is why I have highly educated graphic designers on the Website Superhero team. So I can focus on the strategy + coding while they use their academic smarts to create something gorgeous and smart for you. Nobody’s half-assing things on Canva or Picmonkey here at Website Superhero HQ.

2. UX knowhow

You need someone who knows what makes for a good user experience (UX) so that your website visitors can find what they need easily, and be able to hire or buy from you. (Sounds simple, but how many websites have you been on where shit doesn’t work the way you expect it to?!)
You need somebody who will make your website looks bananas-level awesome on different size screens. Who will follow best practices so your website loads at a rapid speed. Who will tell you to keep your damn Instagram and Twitter feeds and oh-look-your-Facebook-feed-too off your sidebar so you don’t look like a raving lunatic.
If your website makes no sense, is cluttered, is jarring, is slow, plain isn’t working — you’re f*cked. People will leave and never come back, cringing at the thought (like me after the first time I set foot in an American Apparel store many moons ago).
As Oliver Reichenstein — the founder and director of Information Architects, the Tokyo, Zurich, and Berlin-based design agency — put it:

“Good user interface design takes care of irritations before they appear.”

Well said, Oliver.

3. Expert advice

What does a great friend do for you that an acquaintance won’t? TELL IT LIKE IT IS.
Ain’t nobody got time for, “Oh, yeah, it looks good…” types of bullsh*t when really it looks like week-old cat vomit and everyone’s going to hate it and wonder what you’re high on.
As the business owner, you’re often just too close to see things objectively. This is what a great web designer will give you: expert advice and an objective perspective that will get you out of your head and move you forward, where you belong.
We’ll also save you endless hours of research in Facebook groups full of other clueless (if well-meaning) folks and tell you what tools you should be using and why (and what to stay away from), whether for your opt-in forms or to sell your next online course (we’ll also keep you from buying a hosting service that will make you want to shoot someone in the face).
Plus, if we can use code instead of a plugin somewhere to keep your website running faster and smoother, we will. SO MANY WINS.

4. Development knowhow

When you hire a great web designer (ideally they’re also a web developer, I had to specify it this time!), you get someone who knows how to code what you need and will help your website load fast, stay safe from hackers, and leave you with a backup system in place in case poo hits the fan. We’ll also have you sign a solid, legit contract that will protect both our interests.
That’s part of the beauty of hiring an expert: I’ve got your back. I’ll explain what you don’t even know you don’t know, and take care of a ton of things behind the scenes to protect your online reputation. We’re in this together.
I gotta warn you here: not every web designer knows best practices. One of my first clients was someone whose web designer had not created a child theme, so when the client updated her theme, most of her web designer’s work was lost. Aaaaand the web designer hadn’t set up backups either.
You gotta do some legwork to pick the right web designer. Ask all the questions you want before you settle on someone to help make sure they can do the job right (I’ll blog more about this soon).

Final thoughts

Listen, it’s not your job to know how to use CSS media queries or stress over website supervillains (a.k.a. hackers). That’s my job as Website Superhero — as a nerd and geek who constantly reads up on best practices, takes programming courses, and attends tech conferences for fun.
It’s your job to change the world one client at a time doing the wonderful work that you’re already doing — improving lives by making people healthier and happier. So let’s work together!

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2 Responses to Why you should hire a web designer

  1. Yes! This post needed to happen! I’ve seen so many crappy websites or websites in need of a rebrand. Its such a common misconception you can DIY your website and expect to attract higher paying clients when your brand is a hot mess. Thanks for telling it like it is.

    • Ah how cool to hear someone in another industry say those words! DIYing is a fabulous option for someone’s first website, but definitely not for someone with an established business who is hoping to keep growing and — as you mentioned — expecting to attract higher paying clients. Thank you for reading and supporting, Angela!

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