Conversion Tips Thursday #11: Work with Me Pages that Convert

How to Make Your Work With Me Page Convert

Most people make the mistake of having a simple (ahem, boring and bland) page that includes 1-2 paragraphs of text (read: zero details) and on top of it, asks interested folks to reach out via email. Sound the alarm! We need to talk about how to make your Work with Me page convert, sister.

In this edition of Conversion Tips Thursday, we’ll touch on principles that, yes, can apply to making your sales pages convert higher, but are more specific to pages selling services like coaching, virtual assistance packages, and lots more.

Follow the straightforward best practices below and you’ll be on your way to turning more visitors into customers when they hit up your Work with Me page.

How to Make Your Work With Me Page Convert

1. Speak their language

This means stating the problem in your prospects’ language. How do you find out what their language is? With a ‘lil profesh stalking a.k.a. listening.

Listen in on Facebook groups and forums when people are discussing their frustrations with X (X being the thing you’re amazing at solving!). Take notes when on the phone with prospects and customers, writing down their exact words as they’re describing what’s driving them bananas-level cray cray.

This helps you create copy that sells, folks, and is key when we’re talking about how to make your Work with Me page convert.

Show that you truly understand what their current situation is and that you empathize, and they’ll be curious about what you have to offer them.

2. Show results

Tell me what my life looks like after working with you, superhero. Testimonials, baby. Specific, tangible results, hotpants.

What will people be, do, have once they work with you? Spell that shizz out.

3. Spell it out

Yes, again. What does working with you look like — number the steps so people know what to expect. How often do they get calls/emails/etc. with you? What deliverables will they get at which stage in the process? They can’t read your mind, yo.

An FAQ section is also a great idea. This is where you can elaborate and address the questions you most frequently get (duh) from your prospects and customers. This will cut down on the time you have to repeat yourself by explaining the same things every time you get on the phone or somebody hires you *wink wink*.

4. Put your price up-front

People want transparency and — think about it — most times, when you don’t see the price, you automatically assume it’s verrry expensive and you won’t be able to afford it. So you don’t even bother to subscribe to receive the price guide or schedule a free call that’ll take up your precious time, or whatever time-wasting mumbo jumbo the person in question is proposing.

Respect people’s time by providing the price up-front and they will appreciate it — plus, you’ll weed out the cheapskates and help attract the RIGHT people for you.

That way, you’ll only hop on the phone with people who are already 90% sold on your service, which is a beautiful thing! Save time and convert higher, superhero: price your offerings.

5. Credibility a.k.a. Trustworthiness

Remember those testimonials? They’ll do wonders. Make sure they’re brief and results-oriented, and include names and photos when possible.

Depending on the service/product in question, you may want to feature an “as seen in” section or other trust-building elements.

6. Give a strong call to action (CTA)

The inevitable “buy now” or “apply here” CTA. How to choose? If it’s something on the lower end of the pricing spectrum, you can let them immediately buy. But if it’s a high-end service, you’ll need to sell them on it — allow them to apply via a form or book a free consult call with you so you can show them what a genius you are at your craft and they can get all their questions out of the way.

Do this and they’ll be 100x more willing to whip out their wallets and hire you/buy your fantastic thing. Psst… read more about strong CTAs here.

Watch this video on how to make your Work with Me page convert for real-life examples:



Shazam! Now that you know how to make your work with me page convert, what steps are you going to take to improve your existing service pages?

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