6 Triggers That Prompt People to Buy (and How to Use Them)

6 Triggers That Prompt People to Buy (and How to Use Them)

Some sales pages are awful and others convert like gangbusters — what’s the difference and how you can YOU get on the gangbusters train, superhero? There are specific triggers that prompt people to buy that you can use in your sales pages, emails, and other marketing efforts that, once mastered, can make allllll the difference to your sales.

I’m talkin’ selling out your services and going on a European river cruise to celebrate (cuz you fancy!) …as opposed to wondering why the hell nobody bought your awesome thing you spent months creating, and ugly-crying on the couch over a few several glasses of Merlot.

Listen, I’ve both sold out and gone to Europe and I’ve cried over wine, so keep reading!

6 Triggers That Prompt People to Buy (and How to Use Them)

#1 Tell people what’s gonna happen AFTER they work with/buy from you

Every purchase decision begins with a buyer’s current dissatisfaction — that’s what motivates them to look for a solution a.k.a. your product or service. It’s your job to walk them through the door of the sale.

Consider these possibilities:

  • Do you make it possible for people to easily raise their rates without new clients blinking an eye?
  • Do you help your clients skyrocket their confidence levels?
  • Are they achieving successes they’d only dreamed of before (or were afraid to dream of!)?

If you’re changing lives with your work, you need to play it up. Focus on results when writing your copy to prompt people to buy.

The subtle (or blatant) message you wanna get across is that all these things happen AS A RESULT OF clients working with you. Of course, don’t bullshit, only make these claims if they’re true.


#2 Scarcity

Exclusivity gives a product or service the illusion of more value (even if it’s technically not more valuable just because it’s exclusive).

This is why you see people launching their offerings for a limited time, why special deals don’t last forever, why only the first X customers will get Y bonuses with their purchase, and so on.

It also helps to kill the delay impulse, that procrastinator in all of us that says, “Maybe I’ll buy that… later.” And then you forget about it and the company has lost your sale.

How can you make your offering seem more scarce and thus desirable to prompt people to buy now?

What can you offer as a bonus for a limited time?

What can you offer as a seasonal special?

Psst… This also works when you’re going to raise your rates and let people know that they have a little time left to hire you at your old rates.

#3 Social proof

This means testimonials! Make them results-oriented and to-the-point.

All you need is a few sentences. Ain’t nobody got time for rambling paragraphs! See examples of solid testimonials here.

#4 Authority

All these points will do you no good if people don’t trust you because you don’t seem legit.

You need to give off authority — come off like you know what you’re doing and are great at it — to inspire trust and subsequently, sales.

You can do this with a bio section that elaborates on your background, as well as logos of reputable places you’ve been featured. Even design matters here (good, strategic design sells, mah dears!).

If you haven’t been interviewed yet, getting featured on podcasts and in magazines can help boost your authority. Speaking engagements too – even small ones at Meetups can add up. Everything helps.


#5 Actually ask for the sale

Tell people what to do and make it as easy as possible. For example, they click the BUY button and receive an automated email with next steps.

And be sure to make those buy now buttons stand out and plentiful. No “one button and you’re done” bullshit! I wanna see at least 3 on a long-form sales page!

Asking for the sale should be your Single. Call. to. Action. on your sales page. Without this, you plain can’t prompt people to buy.

Same goes for a sales page where you ask people to fill out an application form or book a consult call.

#6 Assuage fears a.k.a. Frequently Asked Questions

Include an FAQ section to address common fears in your prospective buyers about topics such as:

  • Why they should trust you
  • Why they should care
  • What working with you or receiving your product looks like (next steps, shipping, etc.)
  • Examples of results people have gotten from taking your course/hiring you for your service (ask your peeps to include this in testimonials, too!)
  • How your service or product differs from competitors’
  • Guarantees, if any


What changes can you make to your sales pages right now to prompt people to buy, superhero?

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    • I agree that some people forget it altogether, even though it’s really the WHOLE point of a sales page! Thank you for reading, Roy!

    • I’m so glad to hear that! The more of these you implement, the merrier :) Thank you for reading, Rachael!

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