Jump-Start beta
(A DIY Website with superpowers)

You wanna DIY your website … but you keep on postponing it
— and your brand new biz keeps hemorrhaging cash as a result.


This is the expert help & kick in the ass you need to:


  • Stop putting it off
  • Learn what goes (and doesn’t go) into a small business website and plan it so it converts (a.k.a. turns visitors into subscribers and customers)
  • Execute what you need FAST to be in full control of your website now + into the future
  • Start bringing in the, “I’m getting my first clients!” bucks that make you jump up and down in your yoga pants
  • Really feel like the amazing, superhero business owner you’re already becoming


With DIY Jump-Start, you will:

  • Actually know how to design your website layouts and forms step-by-step — so you can help your ideal peeps improve their lives + businesses (you know, what you’re MEANT to do) instead of spending who-knows-how-many-late-nights screaming at your computer over too many glasses of Merlot 
  • Have a website that works FOR you to attract more of your right clients and bring them through the door, with tools that make life so freaking easy 
  • Never lose sleep over your website getting hacked or disappearing and losing all your hard work (because backups + security = SANITY)
  • Get found in Google = more clients discovering you (without you forking over cash for Facebook ads)
  • Build your email list and funnels like a champ — cuz everyone and their grandma knows that’s where the cash-o-la is!

Without DIY Jump-Start, you may:

  • Mindf*ck yourself into paralysis = more months with a hobby instead of a business
  • Tear your hair out trying to figure out what “DNS” is or how to “DEFRAGGULATE THE INTERNET’ (not real, but you get my point)
  • Leave your internet door unlocked and get hacked (because you didn’t know what you didn’t know)
  • Lose clients because they just don’t know you exist (no website = no visibility and less credibility)
  • Lose clients because your website crashed… and you have no backups = you’re f*cked

JennyI was planning on doing it all myself to save money. But the added ease and security promised in getting my website set up made the investment worth it.

[Before,] my website was just a basic blog, I didn’t know how to get started. I felt lost and you helped me feel like I had a guide/mentor/friend who knew what was going on.

– Jenny Livingood, Recovery Comes Alive

LetiWorking with you was very enriching at every stage; you gave me excellent advice on how to build a site for my business and thanks to you, I have made several sales!!

Now, I’m able to run my own business effectively and in an organized way.

Working with you was essential for developing my business and I trust you 100%!

– Leticia Mello, Curator & Founder at |Room for Kunst

Here’s everything that you’re gonna get with DIY Jump-Start:

  • Ultra secure manual WordPress install (on your host and domain). No lazy and risky 1-click installs that leave you vulnerable to hackers.
  • Premium mobile-friendly theme to create whatever layouts you can dream of (Headway – $89 value – or send me your own theme if you prefer)
  • Step-by-step video tutorials to DIY various types of website layouts with the versatile + powerful Headway drag-and-drop framework, plus create your Contact form, add widgets, and more. They’re bite-sized and easy peasy so you can implement NOW.
  • 12 months of automated backups ($80 value). Never lose your site (nor your head)! (Delivered to your Dropbox, Amazon S3, or Google Drive.)
  • Google Analytics installation so you can track your data + optimize your site for more subscribers and buyers
  • Don’t wanna hear from Nigerian Princes in your comments? You’ll get the best anti-spam protection on your blog.
  • Show up higher in Google search results with a powerful SEO tool + easy peasy video tutorial to apply it to all your content.
  • Malware protection to give hackers the finger (essential!)
  • 1-hr Superhero Strategy Session to strategize your DIY website like an expert (whether you want help with your sales funnel, freebies, website flow, conversions — YOU NAME IT, YOU GOT IT, HOTPANTS) ($250 value) [Premium]
  • Custom designed ‘Coming Soon’ page with opt-in form to start building your list NOW because your list is where the $$$ is! ($150 value) [Premium]
  • 1 custom designed & coded opt-in form + Thank you/Download page (within 45 days of purchase) to keep attracting quality subscribers once you launch ($300 value) [Premium]
  • 30 days of email support for any questions that pop up after our strategy pow-wow or as you dive into your site so you start with a BANG. Ka-pow! [Premium]

My clients spend dozens of hours trying to do this and only get a 1/4th of it done before coming to me.

YOU can DIY your website for reals and get it done with Jump-Start beta. This way, you’ll save time & energy to produce genius work and, y’know, actually focus on growing your awesome biz instead of Googling and ugly-crying at your computer for weeks on end.

Stop waiting and step into intentional action with the DIY Jump-Start, sister:

ConnieCreating my own little space in the cyber world was a task I DREADED! It brought me stress, anxiety, and exhaustion.

If I could go back in time, I would hire you from the get-go instead of spending months pulling my hair out trying to figure out what the f$@k I was doing.

You have been one of the best business investments ever!

– Connie Trowbridge, Holistic Health Coach

*5 2 beta spots left*

Ultra secure manual WordPress install + setup
Headway theme + 12 months of updates ($89 value) or your own theme installed
Video tutorials to DIY your page layouts, forms, widgets, and more
12 months of backups ($80 value)
Google Analytics installation
Spam comments protection
SEO-ready site + documentation to help you get found on Google!
Malware protection (to avoid getting hacked!)
30 days of email support
Ultra secure manual WordPress install + setup
Headway theme + 12 months of updates ($89 value) or your own theme installed
Video tutorials to DIY your page layouts, forms, widgets, and more
12 months of backups ($80 value)
Google Analytics installation
Spam comments protection
SEO-ready site + documentation to help you get found on Google!
Malware protection (to avoid getting hacked!)
1-hr Superhero Strategy Session to plan your website like a pro ($250 value)
Custom 'Coming Soon’ page with opt-in form to start growing your list Now ($150 value)
1 custom opt-in form to capture warm leads once you launch ($300 value)
30 days of email support

Ready to DIY your website with Jump-Start beta and bring in more clients?

*5 2 beta spots left*

MelissaYou gave me the solution to something I’ve been geeking out on for months.

I wish I would have known about you 5 months ago!

…Get your name on her client list before her calendar fills up!

– Melissa Burkheimer, Creative Direction / Design / Social Strategy

What it looks like:

  1. You click on one of the bright pink buttons to fill out the application form
  2. I send you an email within 48 biz hours to gather more info and send you our invoice + contract to sign digitally; fill it out while you sip some organic loose leaf green tea
  3. We schedule your 1-hr Superhero Strategy Session = get clear on what you need to launch your DIY site like a pro. This is a huge help to my lovelyface clients. [Premium]
  4. I put on my cape and Jump-Start your brand new website with essential tools, expert installs, & custom coding
  5. You watch the bite-sized, easy peasy DIY video tutorials and design your site, making it amazing it with your content
  6. We celebrate (it’s wine ‘o clock!) as your soon-to-be clients begin to find + love + hire you

Mary[Before, I was] frustrated by website jargon and design. [Now,] not only does my website look awesome, I understand a WHOLE lot more through your guidance as well as the tutorials.

[Now,] I have a website that works FOR me. You’re real, prompt and follow through on your word. You are top quality and you definitely make sure the customer is satisfied!

– Mary Sabo, Life and Happiness Coach

Ready to DIY your website with Jump-Start beta and bring in more clients sooner?

DIY Jump-Start is for you if you:

  • Are ready to rock out and DIY your first website for your small business
  • Wanna learn how to design the essential layouts with a killer framework and be in full control of a powerful website
  • Just need help with the website tech part (DIY Jump-Start excludes graphic design)
  • Would like some hand-holding while you do it

DIY Jump-Start isn’t for you if you:

  • Want someone else to design your branding, website, or graphics for you (not the DIY type)
  • Like to come up with excuses instead of getting shit done
  • Aren’t ready to start investing in your professional online presence
  • Don’t like cats in ties



What kinds of topics are covered in the DIY video tutorials?
What can we cover in the 1-hour Superhero Strategy Session that comes with DIY Jump-Start Premium?
Why should I get the Jump-Start instead of going with Squarespace/Wix/Weebly?
Will I need to know any code? Don't make me learn any code!
Do you have any payment plans available?
Are you available to help me with my branding or graphic design, maybe some custom coding?
Do I get access to the Headway or Backup Buddy support forum if I run into trouble?
Is the purchase refundable? I dunno if I wanna DIY or if I want my own personal Website Superhero to take over and make me something AH-mazing while I focus on my new biz.


Ready to DIY your website with Jump-Start beta and bring in more clients sooner?