I wanna live in a world where every single entrepreneur and social activist working to make our world better has a website that’s accessible and engages — so that they can make a bigger impact.


I’m absolutely frustrated by websites that I can’t read on my phone and propel me to click away, because they aren’t responsive. I want to read your stuff! Your peeps and I know what you have to say is worth reading.

I want you to make a statement, inspire your perfect clients, serve them with your offerings — and do it with less effort so that you can affect more change while just doing your thang.

So I’ve created a spectacular service called Responsive Website Rescue (woot!). It’s all about taking your existing mobile-unfriendly website, and turning it into a hot looker on phones & tablets.


What’s this gonna do for you?

It’ll increase your sales & email list signups by up to 65% — because that’s how many people are visiting your site on their mobile devices and getting seriously turned off. And we can do it in 2 weeks.

It’s all about helping your work make a wider mark on the world.


Claim a spot this month and get $200 taken off your tab ($799+ instead of $999+).


Set up a quick call with me to see if it’s right for you & get a custom quote.


NOW! This is the best time.
Cuz claiming your spot now = blowing your mobile peeps out of the water as soon as 2015 hits the ground. And I’ve only got 2 spots available per month.
See you on my phone!