Frequently Asked Questions


I'm a total newb. Is it okay if I have zero technical know-how or don't know what I don't know?
How responsive are you? I've had bad experiences with other web designers/developers and I don't want to be left waiting for your answer for a week.
I want a website... and I need you to meet my deadline. How do I know you can do that?
I'd looove a website to take my biz to the next level -- but I'm kinda freaked out by all this techy stuff. Will there be any hand-holding? I need some hand-holding.
Your website packages are rocking my polka dot socks off -- but I want to go balls to the wall and get a branding expert on my side / sell my products and services / set up a membership site to sell my e-course that's gonna change the world / other fabulous things!
What if halfway through a project, I want to make a major change or make my website do fancier stuff?
I'm really pumped and dying to work with you... but do you offer payment plans for your website packages?
What happens after you make me a rad website that sells the hell out of all my stuff? Will you teach me the ropes of my new site enough so I can make small changes myself? And what if my website disappears?(!?!?!?)
Is the deposit for a custom website refundable? I'm kinda wishy-washy on this.
How often do you wash your cape? And do you use magical fairy detergent to wash it?
How do you spend your free time? Are you a huge geek-a-zoid that lives in a dungeon or what?

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