65% of your website visitors are clicking away if your website looks crappy on phones & tablets

What’s a crappy-looking website?

  • The design gets cut off by your iPhone screen
  • You have to click 7 times before the button works
  • Social share buttons cover most of the blog post
  • A pop-up won’t close so you have to leave

Making your website look fantastic on phones and tablets helps ensure your website design bring powerful results instead of working against you.

Give your “only looks good on big screens” website the “wow” factor it needs to attract loads more potential clients by giving them a beautiful user experience. This means more subscribers and more leads for your business. Cha-ching!

Responsive Website Rescue is a one-time, two-week-long service that takes your current website design and makes it look super sweet & work like a charm on smartphones and tablets.


SusanYour communication skills are #1! You make my life easier and stress-free! [You’ve] got mad skillz and [are] an excellent teacher for the tech-challenged (ME).

You’re always eager to help and go the extra mile. Plus, everything looks and has been working beautifully and I get SO many compliments on it.

– Susan Ferraro, Law of Attraction Coach


Once you have a responsive website, you’ll find that:

  • Your site looks amazing on every single device your dream clients has put in their hand
  • Higher sales: especially if you sell through your website
  • More subscribers: your content and email signup forms will be easy to find
  • A diminished bounce rate: more peeps will stick around on your website and for longer
  • More successful marketing efforts: 65% of your new traffic will be impressed by a website (yours!) that …
  • Excellent user experience: no contact forms that don’t work or wonky images


$999+ Intro price: $799+
Only 2 spots available per month.

Statistics show that 69% of tablet users shop on their devices, and 67% of smartphone users are more likely to buy if the site is responsive.

Leveling up your website means more customers and more money, period.


ConnieCreating my own little space in the cyber world was a task I DREADED! It brought me stress, anxiety, and exhaustion.

If I could go back in time, I would hire you from the get-go instead of spending months pulling my hair out trying to figure out what the f$@k I was doing.

You have been one of the best business investments ever!

– Connie Trowbridge, Holistic Health Coach


Here’s how Responsive Website Rescue transforms your existing website:

  • A header that resizes perfectly to all size screens so it doesn’t abruptly get cut off
  • Flexible email signup forms so you’ll have higher conversions
  • Sales page content that reshapes to fit in smaller screens so you can woo mobile buyers
  • Contact forms that work smoothly so PR opportunities don’t click away forever
  • Admiring online stalkers can read your work anywhere
  • And more

57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a website that isn’t optimized for mobile devices. Those are shitty odds.

Stay ahead of your competition with Responsive Website Rescue.


$999+ Intro price: $799+
Only 2 spots available per month.


MelissaYou gave me the solution to something I’ve been geeking out on for months.

I wish I would have known about you 5 months ago!

…Get your name on her client list before her calendar fills up!

– Melissa Burkheimer, Creative Direction / Design/ Social Strategy


Here’s what it looks like when we work together:

  • You schedule a complimentary intro chat to explore your responsive design needs one-on-one. I’ll follow it up with a thorough custom proposal within 48 biz hours.
  • I send you our contract and invoice for 50% of the payment up-front to get you booked in.
  • [Welcome Pack?] We jump into our project management system. We’re the Queens of Getting Shit Done.
  • I head to my superhero cave to turn your site into a smartphone addict’s wet biz dream. I check in regularly to get your feedback so we get it perfect.
  • DONE-zo! We launch your new responsive website & you’re off impressing virtual prospects left, right, up, and down.



I’m in Australia/Europe/etc. and can’t find a good time to book our call. What do I do?

No worries! Fill out this form & we’ll figure it out. I’ll make an exception for you.

Are you going to design my website too?

No. My job here is to take your design and use the magic of code to make it perfectly responsive, so that your design “responds” to different size screens and looks epic in all of ‘em. Want me to design your website? I’d love to! Sounds like you need one of my website packages.

Why isn’t there a set price?

The price is $799+ because the precise price tag will be contingent on the number of pages and the shape of your website’s code and file structure. I need to have a ‘lil chat with you and perhaps take a peek behind the proverbial website curtain (in your back end) to give you an exact number.

How often will I hear back from you?

We’ll communicate consistently throughout the 2-week period. I do my best to get back to my peeps (you!) within 48 business hours.

Hey, where'd you get those stats?

From the Pew Research Center and right here, m’lady.