Super custom websites



You want to make a positive impact in the world
…to live your dream and make a difference…
But that outdated website of yours?
It’s holding you back — Big time.


I create professional, strategic, & beautiful websites for world-changing entrepreneurs so you can upgrade your life ASAP by attracting way more ideal clients and see a lot more money flow into your bank account. You’ll live by your own damn rules.

Not to mention: you’ll be helping droves of people who’ve been desperately looking for you all along (because you playing small? Is doing your soon-to-be peeps a massive disservice).


Time for more perfect clients & more money doing what makes you so happy you wanna dance to Beyoncé in your underwear

ConnieCreating my own little space in the cyber world was a task I DREADED! It brought me stress, anxiety, and exhaustion. If I could go back in time, I would hire you from the get-go instead of spending months pulling my hair out trying to figure out what the f$@k I was doing. You have been one of the best business investments ever!

– Connie Trowbridge, Holistic Health Coach


Here’s what it’ll look like when we work together:

  • If we’re a great fit, I’ll send you a custom proposal or link to book a free call to go deeper first.
  • I send you our contract and invoice for your deposit to secure your spot in my calendar. Sip some Merlot while you sign it with a couple of clicks.
  • You receive your Welcome Package and Superhero Website Planning Workbook right away. When we hit our start date, the real fun begins as we jam in our project management system, keeping our project streamlined & on track
  • You upload your content, fill out the detailed intake questionnaire, & schedule your Superhero Strategy Sessions, setting the foundation to make your site ah-freakin’-mazing.
  • I put on my cape and design & develop your fantastic website. We have plenty of check-ins. I’ve got your back. After your enthusiastic final approval…
  • We launch your new site & celebrate with bubbly and brownies. Your site now attracts loads of ideal clients who need exactly what you’re offering. Mission accomplished.

Mary[Before, I was] frustrated by website jargon and design. [Now,] not only does my website look awesome, I understand a WHOLE lot more through your guidance as well as the tutorials. [Now,] I have a website that works FOR me.

You’re real, prompt and follow through on your word. You are top quality and you definitely make sure the customer is satisfied!

– Mary Sabo, Life Coach


Here’s what you’re gonna get:

Custom website packages are not currently available.

You also get:

  • Welcome/best practice call & up to 3 Skype/phone check-ins as needed during the project
  • WordPress & Headway theme (with 12 months of updates on the house)
  • Responsive design (to up conversions by up to 65%!)
  • Security against hackers & spam protection & SEO-ready & Google Analytics installation
  • Setup of automated backups delivered to your Dropbox/Google Drive/AmazonS3 (with 12 months of Backup Buddy updates on the house)
  • Tested to make sure your site looks great on the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Safari


Need help with your copy?

Add the Copy Accountability + Timeline to get your copy done for $100 (free with Game Changer). Adds 2 weeks to timeline.

SusanYour communication skills are #1! You make my life easier and stress-free! [You’ve] got mad skillz and [are] an excellent teacher for the tech-challenged (ME).

You’re always eager to help and go the extra mile. Plus, everything looks and has been working beautifully and I get SO many compliments on it.

– Susan Ferraro, Law of Attraction Coach

AngelaBefore we started working together, I was hesitant due to pain in the a** experiences in the past and felt frazzled.

Now, I feel excited about my new great website.The 3 major benefits of working with Website Superhero are professionalism, clarity, and great quality work, and I also enjoyed your patience, positive demeanor and spirit of kicking me into action!

– Angela Griffiths, Chiropractor



I’m in Australia/Europe/etc. and can’t find a good time to book our call. What do I do?
How often will I hear back from you?
What needs to happen before you actually begin working on my website?
I need help with my COPY! Aaaaahhhh!
I'm kinda freaked out by all this techy stuff... Is one of these packages right for me anyway?
These packages are rocking my yoga pants off -- but I want to go all out by selling my products & service/adding a membership site to sell my e-courses/etc. Do your superpowers cover this?
What if halfway through the project I need to add a new feature?
I'm really pumped and dying to get started... but do you have payment plans?
I'll want to update my own site. Will you teach me how to do that?
Can I count on you to take care of me once our project is finished?
Is the deposit refundable? I'm kinda wishy-washy on this.