The foundation needed to getting booked out

The foundation needed to getting booked out

By Halley Gray, marketing strategist

There’s nothing so satisfying in business as having a calendar full of client appointments.

It frees you up to have more fun, sleep soundly, and get better results with your clients.

Trust me.

I spent my beginning months as a newly minted freelancer in my Batman PJs dreading bills and fearing the future for lack of clients. (I became… feral.)

When I turned it all around for myself (and then after, my clients) it was like a hot shower, a bra, and the best gin and tonic rolled into one.

Here is how I changed that around:

One of the biggest things I’ve noticed when it comes to getting more and more clients is that a website is crucial to creating and gaining momentum in your business.

You need an amazing website and brand to make the big sales and bring in the tsunamis of clients.

Sometimes it’s as simple as updating your opt-ins, or changing your content.

Othertimes it’s as complex as going thru a rebrand.

Either way, your website shows how serious you are about making your business succeed.

Which is why I recommend to my clients to invest early into a better web design because DIY only goes so far.

Having a great website is the foundation for a strong and successful business. Build it well.

Halley Gray is marketing strategist over at Evolve & Succeed. She focuses on getting creative freelancers booked out in advance (plus booming in business). She does this by using a specific combination of science experiments, content strategies and sales techniques. Read more about how getting booked out makes your life more fun.

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