4 ways to make your website turn visitors into customers

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As Website Superhero, I analyze all the websites I see when reading woo woo blog posts and drooling over recipes like this one for raw vegan vanilla chocolate mousse cake.
What works? What doesn’t?

What gets more people to click your “subscribe” and “buy” buttons?

Great news: even small changes can make a gigantor difference and make your website turn visitors into customers.
Because I know you’d rather be eating bruschetta, gawking at hot Italian men strolling past the Tower of Pisa than reading about “optimizing conversions.” 
I’ve got 4 tips to help turn your website into an epic online hub that makes your bank account happy. So you can buy that plane ticket already.

How to make your website turn visitors into customers


1) Responsive web design (a website that looks great on mobile)

65% of the people who visit your website are doing it from their smartphone or tablet. This means that if your website is hard to use on mobile, people are clickin’ away — fast.
If your visitors have to scroll around up and down and left to right, well, they won’t. You’re leaving oodles of cash on the table — it’s like losing 6.5 out of every 10 potential clients!
Psst… here’s how to tell if your website is responsive or not.
If it’s not?
You need Responsive Website Rescue.

2) Clear call-to-action

Use your design strategically.
Point peeps where you want ‘em to go: your services, your freebie, etc., depending on the purpose of your site and your business goals.
For example:

  • Use eye-catching badges (small graphics) to highlight your services, digital products, etc. and increase sales
  • Give your opt-in forms a bold, clickable button to grow your subscribers list

Lead visitors quickly to the most important pages & actions on your website = more conversions.
5 ways to make your website turn visitors into customers

3) It’s gotta be user-friendly

Making it responsive and using clear calls-to-action will go a long way to make your website user-friendly and make your website turn visitors into customers.
Ways to step it up further:

  • Give your content breathing room a.k.a. “white space”
  • Skip clutter
  • Make the most important content prominent & easy to find
  • Don’t include everything. (Do you have 100 photos of smoothies and you doing yoga in the sun? Awesome. But save ‘em for social media. Pick a few for your site and leave it at that.)

K.I.S.S. = Keep it simple, lovelyface! 

4) Best locations for opt-in/email signup forms

Speaking of calls-to-action, this one’s key like lime pie (<– awful one, right?).
The most effective locations for your opt-ins are:

  • Above the fold (you should see it before scrolling down). In your header or at the top of your sidebar (especially if your sidebar is on every page and you don’t have a header opt-in).
  • Pop-up: ahh, irritating pop-ups. The bastards work.
  • End of your blog posts: your ideal client reads your post and falls in love with your unique style. Buuut she doesn’t see an opt-in form (and probably won’t scroll around much to find it cuz she’s a busy bee). She leaves. Bummer. Don’t let this happen to you!
  • Footer: same deal!

There you go: 4 ways to help your website turn visitors into customers.

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