An easy way to go from amateur to professional (and boost your biz)

from amateur to professional - stress less & impress

Get your sh*t together, to be blunt.

That’s the gist of it. And I’ll tell you how.

But let’s back up first (just like you should do with your website! *Ba-dum-chh*).

When I was a floundering baby entrepreneur covered in placenta (ewww), I had my sh*t scattered all over the place. I just didn’t know better.

As an amateur, I was pulling the following embarrassing faux pas:

  • Scheduling my calls with prospects and clients via email (the horror!). Which often meant several emails back and forth. Just the thought of it makes me vomit a little in my mouth.
  • I did have a contract, thank Xena, but… I was emailing a Word doc to my clients. In other words, those poor women had to (1) print it, (2) sign it, (3) scan it, and (4) email it back to me. A little more vomit.
  • We communicated back and forth via *cough* email *cough*. Which initially seems practical… until one or both of you creates a new thread for different topics, and then you waste precious vinyasa time on digging through piles of emails, maybe not even finding what you need, and looking like a clueless dork when your client shows you she already sent it.
  • And so on.

Honestly, I have no idea why none of my clients brought to my attention that I was making their life more difficult and that it seemed like I didn’t know what I was doing. Maybe because they were newbie entrepreneurs as well and didn’t know better either. Or they’d always worked with amateurs. Or they were just too nice. Which evidently was a shiny, macho double-edged sword.

Fast forward to 2014, when I was introduced to something that changed everything. Behold:

Stress Less & Impress, the game changer for my business that I’m crazy grateful for.


from amateur to professional - stress less & impress

from amateur to professional - stress less & impress

I’ve recommended it before, before it had an affiliate program, and today I come to your as a proud affiliate, wearing a green fedora, to tell you why it’ll be one of the best things for your business since B-School (SERIOUSLY).

Now I’m pumped because I’ve automated & streamlined the hell outta my business.

This is what it’s like to work with me and how I bring ease to the experience for my lovely clients:

  • Prospects and clients schedule their own appointments easily. No looking up time zones and wasting time emailing about nonsense.
  • Clients sign our contract digitally. And did I mention it’s fast?
  • They get a Welcome Package explaining what to expect and how we’re gonna roll. (And I save hours and look like a rock star with hot bed hair because I answer heaps of their questions before they even think of ‘em.)
  • All our conversations and files are in one structured place, plus we use shared task lists (lifesavers).
  • I thus save hours every week because I’ve cut my admin work by about a Big Ben-sized 70%. SEVENTY PERCENT. In fact, we all reduce our admin time.
  • I’m more organized so my clients get better results and feel better taken care of. Because they are.
  • I’ve set up a system for when we launch the site, so they know what comes next and know how I’ve got their back into the future, and to get glowing testimonials without a hassle.
  • I get more referrals.
  • And lots more :)

I’ve never had it easier. And they love it. And your clients will too. And when you jump from amateur to professional, you make more money, because you can take on more clients or just get better at spoiling yours and raise your prices faster.

If you have coaching clients, if you manage more than 1 project simultaneously, if you sometimes lose track or things slip through the cracks, or if you’re stressing because you’re overwhelmed and don’t have enough hours in the day (which is getting in the way of your work, by the way!)… it’s time to go from amateur to professional.

Check out Stress Less & Impress. It might be just what you need.

from amateur to professional - stress less & impress

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