Still wondering about Squarespace vs WordPress? [Podcast]

Squarespace vs WordPress

I’m gonna level with you: even though I use WordPress for myself and my clients, I’m not gonna push WordPress on you outright. It really does depend on your business needs & website goals at this time, in addition to other factors.

While I’ve already written about Squarespace vs WordPress and how to choose the right website platform for you. The post compares & contrasts the two insofar as:

  • Design
  • Robustness &¬†Flexibility
  • Customer support
  • User Interface (a.k.a. Dashboard) &¬†learning curve
  • Pricing
  • [Mystery topic]

But… what about e-commerce, dammit?

Surprise! That’s the mystery topic. You’ll hear me talk about e-commerce & expound further on the aforementioned differences between the two platforms on Kristy Oustalet’s Start-Up Speakeasy podcast show. I also talk in more detail about which option is best for whom.

(Cuz while I do love WordPress, I’m no longer a diehard fan (you know, the Bruce Willis kind). There are 51 shades of gray here, people! And none of them have sexist undertones either. Win.)

Plus, there have been advances in Squarespace since I wrote my blog post back in the good ol’ days (that is, March 2014), specifically regarding e-commerce, so if that’s been on your mind, you’ll find this podcast episode on Squarespace vs WordPress to be the cat’s pa-ja-mas.

Click here to listen to the episode.

Still got questions? Go for it in the comments section below, sister!

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