What I’m bringing you in 2015

what im bringing you in 2015

Expansion, abundance, growth!

(Including a bit in my thighs, because macarons and little tiramisu chocolate cups are too scrumptious to pass up.)

Plus, lessons, opportunities, and grabbing those opportunities by their lumpy balls.

2014 was a groundbreaking year in Website Superhero land.

And in 2015, I’m gonna make a bigger difference for you.

I’ll jump right in.


Here’s a recap of 2014:

  • Made & pre-launched my first digital product in late December: The DIY Website Maintenance Kit. I exceeded my sales goal by 4 customers and one even bought it as a gift for a friend — so cool! I’m running the beta round as I prepare to re-release it in full force in a few weeks.


  • Quit/killed/murdered Chimp Genius, a DIY MailChimp course I worked/didn’t work on for a whole freakin’ year. I did see a gap in the market for it (it was gonna be a comprehensive course for a reasonable price, not $300+) and a high demand, but… truth? I felt miserable whenever I worked on it. Which is just no good. So eventually, around the fall, I stabbed it with a sharpened banana. Oh, the irony. That chimp never saw it coming.


  • Had my first $9k month.


  • Traveled by myself to some of my favorite cities in the whole world. Did I mention it was by myself? Some serious fear-busting had to take place first. And then it was epic. 


  • Invested in some game-changing courses and programs. For example, I systematized everything in my biz and gained massive peace of mind thanks to my pal Leah’s course, which I love, called Stress Less & Impress. I wrote all about my experience with it here.


  • Had a nervous breakdown of sorts. I’m all good now, thanks!


  • Launched a few new services, the latest of which is Responsive Website Rescue. Because having a website that looks great on phones & tablets is no longer negotiable. Everyone and their dog (upwards of 60% of your website visitors) are taking peeks at your 24/7/365 online storefront (your site!) on their mobile devices. So your site better measure up or you’re gonna miss out on big bucks (sadpanda).


What I’m bringing you in 2015:

  • The full DIY Website Maintenance Kit enchilada. For whoever wants to save over $1k per year by doing your own website backups, updates, migrations, etc. There will improved content (thanks to the feedback of my lovely beta testers) with sharper step by step videos! There’ll be an exciting freebie! Perhaps a contest! And morrrre. So click on over and sign up to stay tuned.


  • A thorough course for peeps who’ve never had their first website, or had one made but are totally lost and wanna gain control over the process. It’s got definitions, reviews and comparisons of different products and services — Squarespace vs WordPress vs Weebly, anyone? Plus best hosting providers, membership site tool reviews, etc. — how to hire a web designer, how to set up your host and domain, and a gazillion more things you need to know to make smart, efficient decisions with your website, whether you’re gonna DIY or hire out.More news coming in the spring. Sign up below to the mailing list to find out about the beta round!


  • Restructured website packages. I’ve already done it for my Turn Heads and Game Changer packages, and I’ll be adding a third option for DIYers very very soon.


  • MY REBRAND. Holy sh*t. This has been a gut wrenching experience for me. Emotional. Illuminating. Challenging (as hell). Shifting. Revelatory. I’ve been wanting/trying to rebrand since the freakin’ summer. One graphic designer and two branding courses later (I’m halfway through the second one), I’m gonna fuc*in’ do it already.

    I’ve got a new approach, a new perspective, and nothing’s gonna stop me now. I wear a cape, for Chrissake. I’m unbeatable (and humble!). Expect a more modern & polished feel and no more bright-as-kindergartners’-crayons color palette.

    Yeah, branding is really tough. Even for peeps who make websites for a living (that may very well in fact be why it can literally bring us to tears. And not happy ones!). Even if I’m a web designer/developer and not a graphic designer (hence why I have a few stellar ones on my team!).


  • Taking up German again. Really excited. I brake for languages! (And animal rights & feminist lit!) This time, in preparation for a trip to Berlin this year. Ya know, so I’ll actually use it and retain it. So… wie geht’s?… maybe in 2016 I’ll brush up on my French to spend more time in France. And eventually I’ll be learning Swedish, since I’m in love with a wonderful Viking.


  • And shiz I don’t even know about yet! You go ahead and tell me what you want, what you need, and I’ll do my best to make it come true, fellow superhero.


Your turn! How are you gonna make your 2015 ovawesome? (That’s my womanist version of “amazeballs,” by the way.)

24 Responses to What I’m bringing you in 2015

  1. Hey Super, great post!!!

    Seriously, this totally pumped me up for the new year — especially the part about me being a superhero too. Can this be true!? Either way, I’m building my secret hideout.

    Congrats on an ovawesome 2014! I’m sorry for your loss (Chimp Genius), but sometimes the monkey has to die for the rest of the world to be safe. I trust your super judgement completely and appreciate you keeping us safe.

    Soooo looking forward to all the awesome you will be bringing to the 2015 table, you totally rock!

    Ich spreche German überhaupt nicht. Yay Google übersetzen. :D

  2. 1. Love German! I took one semester in college and would love to actually learn the language because I just ADORE the way the letters are pronounced.

    2. Rebranding is so tough. As you said, “Even for peeps who make websites for a living”. Maybe ESPECIALLY? Because, as a designer, I feel like I should be able to just DO it. We’re too close to our own stuff. It makes things weighty and emotional. I totally agree.

    • I completely agree: German is fantastic (not so much the grammar but for sure pronunciation!). And thanks for sharing your viewpoint on rebrands. Glad I’m not alone :)

  3. Love that you were able to let go of something that wasn’t lighting you up in 2014 – I find that so challenging, especially after pouring many hours in. Sounds like 2015 is off to a great, and amazingly energetic start. I’m zero help on the German…but if you need to order coffee in French, I’m your gal.

  4. I would have loved a website course for beginners – great idea, it’s SO overwhelming! I’d love to hear more about the rebranding process – I’m sure you’ll cover it in a future post, right?

  5. SO so excited for you! Glad you listened to your gut and ditched CG, no matter how great it could have been. Totally feel ya on the rebrand. I’ve been sitting on a new FTF for months now and it’s taking all my motivation to just get it out there. So hard to work on our own sites! Can’t wait to see all you do this year!

  6. Congratulations Natalia looks like 2015 you’ll have your grown game straight. :) I’m partial to the banner lol but really excited to see you put some pro polish on it all.

  7. You prove once again you ARE a superhero! Outstanding! Can’t wait to see the rebrand! Hugs and thanks for everything ❤️

  8. Wow, can’t wait to see where you take your business this next year–and I am sure gonna send people to your courses once they’re officially launched! :D

  9. Oh I hear you on the entrepreneurial challenges! 2014 was full of highs and lows. I’m excited to see all that you have in store for 2015 come to life!

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