How to grow your reach — strategically and cheaply

How to grow your reach with Facebook ads


I hired a business strategist when I was starting out (fantastic decision!), then a marketing strategist (another excellent decision!), and later a sales coach (love her!) — all of whom advised me on different ways to boost my reach and my profits:


  • List building
  • Strategic blogging
  • Guest posting for blogs with thousands of readers
  • Podcast interviews
  • Opt-in freebies
  • Building relationships in Facebook groups
  • Leveraging social media
  • Leadpages
  • Facebook ads


Some of these have served me well re: profits (list building, blogging, freebies, fostering relationships) and others, albeit enjoyable, have been mostly useless so far (guest posting, podcast interviews, non-group-based social media).


I might as well have eaten pound cake while riding a stationary bike — I’m not gonna get the results I’m hoping for, ya feel me?


The more I grow, the more I see that I can only go so far with some of these methods.


You’re only in so many groups, you only have so much time in the day to nurture relationships, etc. Even as Website Superhero, my cape only takes me so high (no matter how many drugs I take. KIDDING. I barely even drink, I’m a grandma.).


So what the hell’s a solopreneur to do?


Grow your reach with Facebook ads


A new thing I tried for my recent launch is Facebook ads that took people to a Leadpage. Yeap, I’ve drank their cherry-flavored Kool-aid. (It was pretty tasty.)


Everybody’s doing it these days. Why? Because you can get strategic as fu*k with Facebook ads. You can target people by:


  • Location
  • Interests
  • Age
  • Groups they belong to
  • People they follow
  • You can even add your subscribers and website followers to target
  • Etc.


So not only can you use them to get in front of people who already know you and are somewhat interested in your stuff (helping you reach the rule of “people must be exposed to you 7 times before they buy from you”) but they’re also superbly efficient at getting you in front of people who’ve never heard of you before.


The people who aren’t in your Facebook groups, your contacts’ mailing lists, your mailing list, or following you on social media. The ones who don’t know you even exist, sweet buns.


Facebook ads will do all this and more for you. Not to mention that they’re a relatively cheap way to advertise your business.


IF you do ‘em right.


If you know:

  • How to craft ads that are more likely to convert
  • How to use them for different purposes
  • How to test them properly
  • Where to send each separate group of people (sales page? landing page?) so you can woo them, not repel them


Here’s how you can do ‘em right

How to grow your reach with Facebook ads


I present you with launching strategist Farideh Ceasar’s FB Ads for Launching Course. Doors close on May 29th at midnight EST.


It tackles everything that drove me bananas — the Power Editor, pixels, targeting, and tracking — and more in an easy, clear to understand fashion. I badly wish I’d had this course when I was learning about Facebook ads.


When I didn’t have this course, I blew my way through $200 worth of ads that may not have converted into sales (no idea: I couldn’t get the damn pixel to work). I was launching and up to my ears in to-do lists (plus, I had the flu for weeks). I could only Google so much before having to dive back into, y’know, what actually sustains my business a.k.a. my zone of genius: client work and creating my course.


But soon I’ll be investing in ads again, this time to grow my list. And I’m very excited about how much farther my success will soar with Farideh’s course. (And about saving numerous hours and countless dollars.) HELLO, STRATEGY.


Many peeps have already gotten spectacular results from Farideh’s Facebook ads wisdom. Wanna be next?


I’ve already gone through most of the content and now I’m recommending it to you so you can learn how to grow your reach with Facebook ads too.


You’ve got less than 48 hours to get on this baby, sister. And you get 14 days to try it out and get a refund if you don’t see results.


Here it is again for you to check out: learn how to grow your reach with Facebook ads. Doors close May 29th at midnight EST.


You’re welcome.


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