Video tutorial: How to delete the Admin user in WordPress

How to delete the Admin user in WordPress

I know, I know, don’t tell me: your website username is “admin.”

If so, you’re in luck.

Because I’m gonna tell you…

  • Why you’re making it way easier for hackers to break into your website when you have “admin” as your user name
  • How to delete the admin user in WordPress and replace it with a secure alternative

It’s easy and quick, I promise. Log into your website and watch the video below to follow along. I’ll also introduce you to one of my favorite tools for coming up with bulletproof passwords.

How to delete the admin user in WordPress

Done? Sweet!

Remember: “admin” is the first user name option hackers try when attempting to hack into any WordPress website.

It’s crucial that, if you’re using “admin,” you replace it with an unpredictable user name.

And if your password is weak? (Are you not using symbols + uppercase + lowercase + numbers?) That also puts you at great risk. So check out the strong password generator and put it to great use!

A secure user name and password go a tremendously long way toward keeping your online biz home safe. It’s non-negotiable and totally worth the 2-min (non-)hassle!

Pssst… here’s the video tutorial on how to use Wordfence, a stellar free security plugin, to help you keep hackers and malware the hell away from your site. The paid version is fantastic, but the free one is good as well and definitely better than nothing at all!

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16 Responses to Video tutorial: How to delete the Admin user in WordPress

  1. Great tutorial! I read only this week about scripts hackers are using to try and attack websites that scrape the author names from blog posts to try as usernames. So as you stated, don’t use admin or your name or something easy to find on the site!

    • Thank you, Alistair! And you’re absolutely right: that’s something else to watch out for :) Crazy what hackers keep coming up with.

  2. I still struggle with WHY hackers are even targetting our little ole sites. Why don’t they go fight something worthwhile? Excellent excellent post Nat, sharing everywhere.

    • Hi Naomi! Ha…great question. I know they hold sites hostage for ransom sometimes; other times they’re just being d*cks. Who knows? Whatever the reason… I wanna help us all be safe :) And thank you very much!

  3. As always, you make this sooooooo easy to follow that even a tech challenged gal like myself can don a mini-cape and protect my site. Muchas Gracias Website Superhero

    • Really happy to hear you found it super easy to follow :) Put on that cape, Elyssa! You’re a superhero in your own right :)

  4. I saw this on StumbleUpon and knew I needed to check it out. I don’t have a website but my mother does…and knowing her like I do, I’m sure she uses the default user and password!! I’m definitely forwarding your article to my mother!!!

    I’m curious why you would suggest to keep our passwords on a Notepad file? I used an Excel spreadsheet until the day I heard that hackers love to find this kind of information on your computer!! I now use LastPass (paid version so I can use it on my cell phone) and have peace of mind that my logins are both strong and secure. Are you familiar with LastPass?

    • Hello Donna, thank you for stopping by! Super cool that you’re forwarding this post to your mom :)

      Ah, I’m actually not suggesting that; I just wanted to note it down quickly while I recorded the video ;) Yes, I hear LastPass is fabulous. I’m wary, however, since 1 password would give one access to every other.

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