3 signs you need a website redesign



Let’s say you’ve had your business for a little while — two years, maybe, or longer. You’ve done well, sister (kudos!).


But you know you can do better. You know it’s your time for the next step.


Depending on where you are in your business development, it may be time to bring in Website Superhero.


As for me, I’ve been prepping for a redesign for about a year. My logo is finally done, typography’s been chosen, and colors are almost finalized (as of end of April 2015). (Wa-freakin’-hoo!)


It’s a momentous occasion here at Website Superhero HQ: I’ll be more clearly targeting a particular demographic; the look and feel will be more mature, clean, and polished; and I’ll be eager to show my website to people again (at the moment, I’m just not. Yes, it happens even to superheroes!).


It wasn’t easy to find the right person to help me get there (a stellar, fresh designer who’s now part of my team) or to get to the point where I could define coherently why I want to change things up and how exactly that will help my business grow.


Because updating your design should be done purposefully; design attracts and sells (or repels!). You can use it for good (you superhero, you!) and to do it successfully, you need a plan. You need a purpose and a strategy, son!


And it does take time and money and effort — as so many excellently worthwhile things do. So things are about to get fancier in here.


Are you ready to level up too?


Here are 3 signs you need a website redesign:


You want to target a different ideal client


Possible reasons include:

  • You’ve realized you could be helping someone else more
  • You’ve raised your rates and your sales aren’t as high as you’d hoped (the same clients don’t wanna/can’t pay your newly higher rates)
  • Another niche would just be more funnn to play with
  • You want to work with people in a more advanced or earlier stage of their business


You’re ready to command higher rates


Perhaps you’ve already raised them and people aren’t buying. Ouch! That burns.


It’s quite possible that your design doesn’t convey the value of what you’re selling, and that’s intimately tied to who you’re targeting with your design (another reason why DIY design is most often a bad idea).


Design is insanely useful as a selling tool. And I’m talking both look and feel and strategy here — how things are laid out, the experience your visitors have as they travel from one part of your website to the next, and so on. Design is king/queen/everythang!


You’ll have a much easier time selling premium-priced products and services if you have a sharp-looking website, everyone knows that.


You want to switch gears and rebrand


If you’re changing up your expertise, for example, or rebranding (let’s say, if I went from being Website Superhero to a web designer for yogis, which takes us back to the first point) you’ll need a completely different look.


Again, design attracts and sells (or repels!). It’s the first impression people have of you (copy is #2 — people have to unconsciously and consciously feel attracted and decide to stay before they’ll spend a few seconds reading and decide to stay even longer, right? Right!).


You wanna make sure you’re pulling in the right fab people from the start and turning off the ones you’d rather never even book a call with you.


Do you need a website redesign? Holler at me!


Book a free call to see if we’d be fantastic partners for your upgrade.


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