3 signs your web designer sucks

3 signs your web designer sucks


We’ve all heard the stories, amirite?


The web designer who only talked in jargon and refused to answer the client’s questions.


The one who disappeared weeks at a time.


The one who completed a project… without following instructions or feedback.


And so on and so on.


Sometimes, we hire someone and we find out kinda late that we’re a lousy, shitty fit and it’s time to switch. But sometimes all it takes is some stronger communication (pssst… if you’re still looking for a web designer, here’s how to find one you’ll be crazypants about!).


Here are 3 signs your web designer sucks and what to do about it.


  1. S/he throws jargon at you


Sure, jargon can be necessary at times, but when that happens, since you’re not a web designer or developer yourself, your tech person should explain what the deuce they’re talking about or at least ask if you need clarification.


I know what it’s like to be on the other side every. single. time. I talk with my accountant. Aaaaaarrrrrrrgh. (…I should send him this blog post.)


  1. S/he ignores you


You say “tomato,” she says, “green juice.” What? This ain’t gonna work.


If you give precise feedback on the homepage design, and she clearly ignores it when she presents you with the subsequent revision (for example, the footer background is still the same color even though you asked your designer to “paint it black,” you have 6 blog post excerpts showing instead of 4, etc.) it’s time to tell Houston you have ein Problem.


  1. S/he takes forever to get back to you


I do my best to get back to my peeps within 48 business hours, though often I respond within the day. Now, it is unreasonable to expect someone to respond on a weekend or at night (imagine if your boss called you into the office on a Sunday!) and sometimes shiz does happen (since your web designer’s human and everything) but if you regularly have to wait a week, that sucks, yo.


Here’s what to do if your web designer sucks


Talk to her/him! Tell your web designer what you need.


Because sometimes it’s not a matter of them sucking, and instead it’s a matter of you two not having clear communication. That’s a two-way street, sister!


If they’re throwing jargon at you, tell them to take a step back and spell things out for you. ASK them all your questions. (Google search is your friend, but your web designer’s also there to explain things to you in laypuppy’s terms.)


If they’re ignoring your feedback, make sure you’re giving specific feedback, and ask them if they need further clarification because you’re not seeing your requests reflected in their work.


If you want them to get back to you sooner, tell them how soon and see if they’re willing to do that with you.


Talking with your web designer might be all you need to do to get shiz figured out and have things be peachy keen between the two of you again. And if it’s not, it’s okay to switch to someone who’s a better fit.


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