How to keep your WordPress website glitch-free

How to keep your WordPress website glitch-free


Make yourself a margarita and settle in for a lighthearted conversation between two biz buddies (Holly Worton and yours truly) in the form of a podcast interview, chock full of tips on how to keep your WordPress website glitch-free.
Holly Worton runs a kickass business & marketing podcast for women entrepreneurs called Ready to Bloom (one of my top favorites!) where she interviews fascinating women of all kinds. This week, she’s featuring me and we’re talkin’ biz websites!
(Holly and I have known each other for EIGHT freakin’ years! That’s us up there in December 2012 when I went to visit her in London. Can’t believe it’s been so long already!)
You know you need a WordPress website that not only makes you look like a pro that people need to hire RIGHT NOW, but that also (y’know) works.
A website that’s up and running properly, fast, and doesn’t show porn ads (ahem, unless you’re in a very specific industry where that would make sense).
As an entrepreneur, your website IS your business!
Holly and I know all about that and we’re gonna teach you what we know to make sure yours remains an asset to your biz.

Check out episode 99 of Holly Worton’s Ready to Bloom podcast to learn a few great tips to keep your website working for you instead of against you.

Psst… head over here for the show notes, which include a link to 3 free video + PDF trainings I put together for you!


How to keep your WordPress website glitch-free

She let me drag her around to do touristy things, bless her heart. Love you, Holly!
(What’s that thing on my head, you ask? I used to make bad hat choices, obviously.)


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  1. YAY! I love the photos you shared. That was a great visit. And this is a fabulous episode. Thanks for sharing such great content and tips. And…we look really cold! I don’t think I’ve worn that mega coat since that winter. It’s been so mild the last couple of years! xo

    • It was a great visit and it is a fabulous episode! I had sooo much fun with you, Holly (in person and in the podcast). Thank youuu! xo

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