Strategic web design: the reasons behind my redesign

Strategic web design
I’ve been blogging about my impending redesign for — no kidding — over a year. IT’S FINALLY UP, YO!
They say the website redesign feat is hardest for those of us who make websites for a living, and lemme tell ya: it is true.
After deciding that I, myself, was not the best person for the job of branding myself (as I am not a branding expert, which is why I have a few stellar ones on my team) and subsequently having a disappointing experience with a designer who had zero history designing for businesses, I ended up hiring branding genius Sara Berkes this year to craft my visual identity. And I can tell you with certainty that she’s amazing.
Although we ended up staying pretty close to the color palette (pink, blue, yellow) and main font (from the award-winning-but-now-overused Brandon typeface) I had chosen myself after a lot of torturous work and taking two branding courses, Sara expertly refined them and created a badass logo, wordmark, biz card design, website graphics, and more for me. After almost three years in business, I wanted to go all out.

Why didn’t I just do the branding myself? Because you can’t just take an e-course and call it a day with this stuff.

I’ve written before about how I choose to stick to my zone of genius and hire other experts (branding experts + graphic designers) in theirs, so we’re all individually full-assing our jobs for my clients instead of having me half-ass everything. And that’s what you get when you hire Website Superhero: a team of experts on your side.
But back to the topic at hand: now I want to go through the reasons behind my website redesign, from why I have a new homepage (instead of the blog index) to why I went with a logo instead of a banner with my face in it for the header. I cover these and other points in the video below.

Your business needs design that works to grow faster, and that requires strategy. That is why it’s worth hiring an expert instead of winging it yourself.


Strategic web design:
the reasons behind my redesign (before/after)


VAST difference, huh? Pshh, I know.
Aaaand how am I celebrating?
I’m inviting YOU to celebrate with me, actually! How? Why, with a brand new gift:

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It’s my first challenge and I’m super excited. My goal is to help you as much as I can with minimum effort on your part. Busy? Lazy? No problem. Check it out here.

22 Responses to Strategic web design: the reasons behind my redesign

  1. Wonderful, congratulations, woohoo! :)

    I totally support your decision to remove your face from the header. I know a ton of coaches advise people to do it, but it never made sense for me personally.

    I just went through the same ordeal, and I’ve been announcing my website redesign like a broken record since January this year.. it was challenging to find time in my schedule to do it.
    (I also posted a case study on my site, in case you’re curious.)

    • Hey Nela,

      Thank you! And cool to hear you’re in the same situation re: your face in the header. I’m just not that kinda person (not shy either, but still).

      Just found your case study — totally curious :)

  2. The new diggs look great Natalia! I’ll miss my handiwork! Lol j/k, it’s great to see a truly robust and branded look. Sarah did great work.

    • Thank you, Virgen! And thank you for your great help which served me well for 2 whole years! You know how stuck I was before I found you. XO

  3. I’m another person that can’t get on board with a huge ass banner with my pic on it. It might make sense for some people, but definitely not for who I am, and what I do.

    • Guuurl, you know I hear ya :) It’s important to think things through instead of copycatting blindly. And the Marie Forleo style doesn’t work for everyone. WHICH IS TOTALLY OK. Even better than ok: it’s great. It’d be boring otherwise.

  4. Love it! The new site looks slick as ice! Very cool, indeed! I have my face in my banner and hate it but am at a loss as to how to change it…. One day….. LOL!

    • Thank you so much, Jemma! Happy to hear that you love it!

      Were you on Headway before? Looks like you’re on the Make theme now.

  5. New design looks great, Nat! :) Love your newsletters and the super-friendly tone. Looking forward to greater things, you superhero, you! I am off to look at that challenge. Will it work if I habitually end up showering in the evening? Hehehe!

    • Thank you so much, Vidya! Means a lot :) And yesss I actually shower in the evenings too… the challenge will still work! haha ;)

  6. Sooooooo much better, great decision! I don’t use my image on the header either, I might in the future if I get over the same feelings you have…I come from having several businesses in which I did not have to be the face of. I understand online people like to see some kind of human behind the biz which you’ve done great with the bio & pic at the bottom of your home page, visible, not hiding behind your biz but also not being the center of it all, NICE!

    • Thank you very much, Tatiana! Cool to hear from someone with the same POV :) I do love that we can change our minds with things like this … our websites are ALIVE and fluid — just like our businesses!

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