Keep traffic ON your site: 3 ways to keep people from clicking away

keep people from clicking away

You’ve heard that marketing adage: someone has to hear your message 7 times before they’ll buy your magnificent thing (a.k.a. “the rule of seven”).

At least 1 of those 7 times is bound to involve your website, and on your website you have just a few seconds to basically persuade your visitor to stick around rather than click away to read NPR or binge-watch cat videos.

You basically want to turn your website into a cozy spot where you’re inviting people to come and chill for a while.

There are tons of considerations, but I’d like to focus on 3 ways to keep people from clicking away.

These are easy and quick to do, and I believe every website owner (especially solopreneurs like you!) should have these tricks up her polka dot sleeve:

1. Have a website that loads quickly  

So that people aren’t left waiting around for your pages to finish loading, decide it’s not worth it because oh-look-a-text-message-or-flying-squirrel, and oh-look-they’re-GONE. Because they won’t wait around. (Think about it: would you? No, because you’ve got better things to do, my friend.)

Ways to increase loading speed a.k.a. make your website load faster include optimizing images, moving heavy files off your server, putting your website on a fast server, and caching.

2. Make sure all your links work

Broken links within your website make you look like an amateur. And you might not even know you have them! What you wanna do is find & fix your broken links, and I have a secret (and free) tool I use for that…

3. Make your website easy to use  

The main way to do this is to have a strategic navigation that is clear and shows people how to easily get to point A to point B on your website. For example, don’t make the first tab on your navigation “work with me” and the last “about.” Make sure it’s readable, SEO-friendly, and points people where you want them to go in order of importance.

Gee, that’s just peachy, Nat, but how the hell do you actually DO all that?

Great question, chipmunk. And I’ve got a superb answer in the form of a (free!) 5-day challenge that you’re gonna lurve.

Each day, I will send you an email so you can complete a task that will pay off for a long time (insert “Me love you long time” joke here)  — and only take you a tiny chunk of your day to start complete.

Click here to make your website faster, find & fix your broken links, and make your website easier to use in minutes.

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