9 blogging tricks to increase traffic to your website

9 blogging tricks to increase traffic to your website

You’ve got some killer content on your website. Check.

Your peeps freakin’ love you. Check.

Buuut maybe your traffic’s become a little stagnant, or low.

It’s time to do something to bring some fresh blood to your website (am I the only one thinking of vampires now? No, I don’t mean like in Twilight. But fitting that Halloween’s just around the corner! ANYWAY.).

Let’s go over some basic traffic-building tactics to attract new fans, of the vampire variety or otherwise.

9 blogging tricks to increase traffic to your website

1. Improve SEO with Yoast SEO plugin

If you’re not using Yoast SEO yet, it’s high time you start. It’s super easy to use. Here’s a free video tutorial showing you how to use Yoast SEO (you’ll be up and running in minutes!).

Specific tips:

  • Add a keyword (and remember to use it in your title, heading(s), and at least one paragraph)
  • Create a meta description (this is what Google/Facebook/Pinterest/etc. see when your post or page gets shared)
  • Add a featured image with an alt tag (put your keyword in the alt tag!) This way an image will show up when your post gets shared on social media like Facebook or Pinterest (to make sure the exact right one shows up, use the Social settings in Yoast SEO and if you have trouble use the Facebook Debug tool to fetch the new information once you’ve completed all the steps using the plugin inside WordPress).

alt tag

2. Use tags & categories correctly

I see too many people still using “uncategorized” or “blog” as their category or tag. That’s like if you went to the supermarket and the signs in the aisles said “um, stuff?” instead of descriptive, actually useful terms like “soup and pasta” or “cleaning supplies.” Catch my drift?

Not sure how to put these little beasts to good use? I’ve got your back! Here’s what you need to know to use tags and categories like a champ.

3. Automatically schedule social media updates promoting old posts

Don’t just share it when you post it and be done. A lot or even all of your content may be evergreen (meaning it’s constantly, forever relevant), and you’re doing yourself and your peeps a disservice by hiding it.

Be sure it continues to get shared far and wide by configuring a free plugin like Revive Old Post (works with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn) to share your blog posts automatically from your website, or a paid external service like Edgar. Further, you can manually schedule posts in advance on various social media channels with a free tool like Hootsuite. Don’t forget to pop into relevant Facebook groups and share with your network that way too!

4. Add social media share buttons to your blog posts

Get people to share and pull in traffic FOR you. If you’re an online biz owner, this may be the sweetest aspect of social media for you.

Great plugins for the job include Simple Share Buttons Adder and Social Media Feather. If you’ve got great pinnable images, consider adding a Pinterest button to your images too, with a plugin like this one.

5. Deep linking

Deep linking essentially means linking to other blog posts and pages inside your website, from blog posts and pages inside your website (were you expecting something cooler? Sorry.).

Are you mentioning something you’ve written about before? Link to it! Do you offer a service related to the topic you’re blogging about? Link to it! Etc. This not only brings attention to your older work, but also makes Google love you more.

6. Lengthen and/or update existing posts

Longer blog posts do better in Google, and you certainly want your posts to be at least 300 words long for SEO purposes (even the plugin Yoast SEO will tell you that). Don’t be afraid to go over 1,000 words or even hit 2,000.

While it’s true that most people have a short attention span, if you’ve got something awesome and insightful to say, freakin’ say it! And especially if you’re paying attention to your keyword and sprinkling it throughout, it’ll serve you well.

7. Write a blog post with shout-outs

When you give shout-outs to other online biz owners and tag them on social media when promoting your post, the idea is that they’ll share out of solidarity and thankfulness. Obviously, don’t do this out of mere self-interest because it’ll be, well, obvious (and painfully so).

But say you interview a panel of experts on a topic and then quote them — like I did here where I have several rad copywriters on website copy that converts. That post was widely loved and shared, not to mention super fun to put together! Give it a shot and make new friends!

8. Link to relevant old blog posts when guest posting

Basically, deep linking but from the outside. (Don’t quote me on that, I don’t think that sentence made any sense.)

Ask the person you’re guest posting for if it’s kosher with them that you link to shiz on your website (they’ll probably say yes!) and keep it in mind as you write it, so you can lead new audiences to hidden gems within your blog.

9. Do a Scope or Blab

Periscope’s been blowin’ up for months (and has a brand new embed feature for your website now FYI), and a newer, also-shiny platform that serves a similar purpose is Blab. Go on there, talk about your blog post topic, and don’t forget to point people to your website URL so they can hit up the blog and find that latest post!

Okay, BRILLIANT, m’lady.

With these 9 blogging tricks to increase traffic now you’ve got some new vampires on your website! (The sexy Twilight vampires kind, not the spiritual-energy-sucking kind… I’m going on a tangent again, aren’t I?) Time to seduce the living crap out of them.

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  1. Thank you for the great tips! I agree with #3 – it’s exactly what I did when I took 2 months off in the summer. It’s a great way to keep up the traffic, and new clients read your content.

    • Happy you like ’em! And that’s genius and absolutely necessary if you’re taking an extended break, good call!

  2. Great advice, Nat! I’ve recently started using Revive Old Post and it’s really been great. Currently also working on writing out a library of tweets for old blog posts and scheduling them into my editorial calendar. Adding this to my Buffer queue!

    • Thank you, Radhika! That plugin is freakin’ revolutionary, amirite? And thank you for sharing, I appreciate it!

    • I hear you, Nicole! I was seriously about to give up on Twitter and then that fabulous plugin changed it all around for me :)

  3. Well…There goes my day! I’m going to get on updating all of this right away! Thanks so much.

    • Haha great. And yes please! I wanted to Tweet your post and noticed there were no social media sharing buttons on it. ;)

  4. Nat, I love it. “Umm, stuff”. I laughed so hard at it. I can really see people doing this, haha.
    Great content!! I can’t wait to work with you :)
    x Mona | sheaiminghigh.com

    • Mona! Glad you liked that one ;) Thank you for your feedback! Excited to collaborate, sister. Talk with you soon :)

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