Easy SEO for WordPress (+ video tutorial!)

Easy SEO for WordPress
Easy SEO for WordPress — yes, it’s a thing! SEO (a.k.a. search engine optimization) stops a lot of people dead in their sexy tracks. It can feel overwhelming and scary like a big furry bear crouching outside your tent during your camping trip. Many peeps — maybe even you! — don’t know where to even start, amirite? Or maybe you’re just lazy, I get it!

I swear, though, my dear entrepreneurial friend, that there is such a thing as easy SEO for WordPress. I’m gonna walk you through it with a spectacular free plugin I’ve been using and adoring for years (Yoast SEO) and this puppy just got a revamp, so given that I last made a video on how to use it two years ago, it’s high time for a snappy refresh video tutorial.

I’ll show you how to show up higher in Google search results, and all it takes is a few minutes!

I’ll even include how to get the exact image and meta data (the snippet of text that goes with it) you want to show up on different social media channels when your blog post or page gets shared. Yup — there’s a simple, easy, and quick way to get the right image and the right copy showing up when you share a post or page from your WordPress website on Facebook. Shazam!

First, some best practices to keep in mind:

    • Pick 1 focus keyword per blog post or page


    • Make your blog posts or pages at least 300 words in length for best results


    • Use your focus keyword as many times as possible — while keeping it sounding natural as opposed to grossly spammy


    • Upload a featured image


    • Use your keyword in your alt tags (alternative text) for your image(s)!


    • Add a meta description that includes your keyword


  • Use the Facebook debug tool to check what info gets pulled and if it’s not the right stuff, click on “fetch new scrape information” (Hints: remember to use “www.” when sharing a domain on Facebook, and to refresh Facebook when trying it again post-debugging)

Annnd why is it important? Because the higher you show up in search results, the greater your visibility, and the more people you can impact with your work, world-changer! So let’s get to it!

Ready to learn exactly what you need to know in this short video?

Easy SEO for WordPress video tutorial

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Resources mentioned in the easy SEO for WordPress video tutorial

    • Yoast SEO plugin (you can just download it via your WordPress dashboard, though)
  • Extra: an in-depth blog post on SEO when you have limited resources (picking a great focus keyword, etc.) by the super smart Alistair Gill for the Freelance to Freedom Project
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10 Responses to Easy SEO for WordPress (+ video tutorial!)

  1. This is a great tutorial, Natalia. Agree with all your tips and that it doesn’t need to take long to do. I spend 10 minutes after I write each post going through the Yoast settings and it works wonders. I also didn’t know that Facebook started penalising posts with URLs in the text, so I learnt something new. I generally delete them for vanity reasons, but it’s good to know there is a valid reason to do so! Thanks for the mention. :)

    • Thank you, Alistair! Happy I could teach you something new, especially when you already know so much! And you’re welcome for the mention, thanks for writing that dope article :)

  2. You stuff is always so helpful and actionable! I”ve been using Yoast, but clearly not to the extent that I will now!!Thanks for the great info!

    • Very happy to hear it, Bridget! Thank you for watching and reading :) Let me know what else I could help you learn!

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