Conversion Tips Thursday #1

Conversion Tips Thursday 1

Welcome to the first installment of Conversion Tips Thursday, where I take a few entrepreneurs’ websites and give them targeted, custom advice to increase their conversions, whether that be sales or email signups (typically both!).

You know how I looove to talk about best practices and web design tricks to get more traffic to your website, inspire your visitors to stick around and check you and your services/products out, engage more with your content, and ultimately become your next clients and customers (a.k.a. convert).

So I decided to create this new monthly column to give free custom advice to entrepreneurs and bloggers just like you. Because I wanna give back and I’m a nerd and it’s FUN!

In this first video we’re checking out the following websites:

  • (where you can have Meg send your clients handwritten cards)

We’re talking:

  • Homepages: why they’re valuable, how to use them, how they can benefit your business and draw in more customers, etc. Check out this blog post on how to plan your homepage for best results.
  • Opt-in form copy: how to compel more people to sign up (and why you should never use the words “mailing list” on your opt-in form!)
  • Getting people to take the next step on your website and why you should be bossy as hell
  • And more, naturally!

So grab a hot cup of coffee / a glass of amber ale and sit down with me:

Leave your URL in the comments to be featured in the next Conversion Tips Thursday, so I can help you make more sales, get more signups, and get more eyes on your business!

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    • Wow, Yadah, congrats on the launch!! And thank you for submitting your website to CTT! Be sure to sign up to be notified of the next one to hear my tips for you ;)

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