How to use Red Booth (a.k.a. how I make my clients’ lives easier)

How to use Red Booth

I looove systems to streamline my projects and make everything I can easier for my clients (and for myself).

One of my very favorite tools that I use for every super custom website build (and even smaller projects) to streamline and boost productivity is a gem called Red Booth

It lets me create a “client portal” so the world-changers who hire me and I can collaborate smoothly via a project management system instead of via email (plus maybe Twitter/Facebook/you-name-it, which can quickly turn into a time-sucking, document-losing nightmare for all parties!).

My clients have repeatedly called this software “amazing.” I completely agree. I love it like I love cheesecake. Seriously.

What does Red Booth let us do?

  • Communicate efficiently (no more wondering whether you actually said that thing and whether it happened via email or Facebook or who-knows-what)
  • Provide feedback in an organized way
  • Pull files directly from places like Google Drive and Evernote
  • Keep everything — from conversations to files to logins — in one conveniently accessible place
  • Create task lists
  • Check off completed tasks
  • Assign tasks to someone else or give them a due date
  • Track time spent on a task
  • And more

In a nutshell? It makes my clients’ lives (and mine, of course) muuuuuuch easier and lovelier (like cheesecake, without the carbs. BAM.).

How to use Red Booth

To give you a better idea of how it works, what it looks like once you’re logged in, and what you can do with it, here’s a short video I created for my clients explaining how to use Red Booth:

Of course, nothing is perfect, but Red Booth gets pretty close. Having a client portal is imperative for my business model, cuts many hours from my admin time, and it’s free for my clients (I pay a monthly fee). Aaand we kinda have a lot of fun using it. I even use it when I have a personal project!

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  1. Thank you so much for this post! I have been looking for a program similar to this, and tried a few different options and none worked quite the way I needed. I think this will be perfect, thanks so much!

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