Conversion Tips Thursday #4


Welcome to the fourth monthly installment of Conversion Tips Thursday, where I take a few world-changing entrepreneurs’ websites and give them clear, simple, and custom advice they can implement to increase their conversions, whether that be sales or email signups (typically both!).


In this month’s video, I’m emphasizing topics such as:


  • What to highlight and how to help boost your credibility in your website visitors’ eyes



  • Being intentional with your homepage so people know what the next step is


  • Decluttering your layout so you can effectively speak to your right peeps and draw them in



And the world-changers’ websites we’re critiquing today are:



Grab your cup of organic coffee and press play, I’ll wait:


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14 Responses to Conversion Tips Thursday #4

  1. Another super-helpful video–thanks Natalia! I’ve been watching this series and doing my best to implement what I’ve been learning on my new blog. I would love to get your feedback on next month’s post. My url is As this is a new venture, what I’m most interested in (besides providing great content that helps my readers have a garden they can be proud of) is building my list.

    • Thank YOU so much for watching the videos in the series, Jennifer! How wonderful to hear you’ve been not only learning from the videos but also implementing what you’re learning :)

      I’d love to get to you next month, thank you for the extra info about your business and current goals ;) Looking forward to it!

  2. Thanks for the review of my Home Page. And yes you can give me a hug anytime… ;-) Your tips are so helpful….simple and effective! I think I got *too close* to the process to be able to review my site objectively.

    It was scary to even suggest someone give me critique but you made it friendly and easy to absorb. Off to work on updates to my site! THANK YOU AGAIN –

    • You’re very welcome, Tammy! Ah, yes, we *all* get too close, outside and especially outside expert eyes can always give us the perspective we need :)

      Happy you submitted it even though you were scared, and that you were glad you did it. Woot!!

  3. Hi Nat…I watched your review of my webpage…I will have more time later to watch the others but I wanted to say thanks! I took lots of notes and I’ll be editing my page. Great advice and suggestions…I’ll check out your home page how to video as well. It’s nice to have someone look it over from time to time as I change it around often and the less info I have on there (as you suggested) will actually make it easier to edit periodically. Thank you!

    • Hi Katherine,

      You’re welcome! Thank you for submitting your site for the series :)

      Yes, it’ll definitely be easier to edit periodically if you decrease the content on the Home page. WIN ;)

      Thank you for being a part of it!

  4. Hey Nat! Oh my… how did I not know that you were doing those??? Awesome idea and so much to learn. Thank you. And I’d love for you to walk through my site next time you’re doing this xx (But first I’ll need to introduce some changes based on this vid :P)

    • Hey Kat! Thank you! Absolutely, I’ll jump onto yours next month. Happy to hear you’re learning from the series and that you’ll be implementing changes! You’ve got about 3 weeks to make ’em ;) Thank you for watching!

  5. Hi there – I’ve just come across your fabulousness from a Facebook group I’m in & I’m absolutely loving your tips Thurday – if you can take a peek at my website that would be fantastic ?…. Btw I’ve just read what you said about sliders , so am changing that as we speak ! My website is –

    Thank you :)

    • Hi Sarah,

      Thank you! And absolutely, you’re on for May :) Fantastic to hear you’re tackling your slider. Looking forward to critiquing your website in the next “episode”!

    • You are very much ON, Allison! Third week of May, it’s happening ;) Thank you for submitting your site!

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