Conversion Tips Thursday #6

Conversion Tips Thursday - get free, actionable advice to boost your sales and signups ASAP

Welcome to the sixth monthly installment of Conversion Tips Thursday, where I give entrepreneurs free, actionable advice to boost sales and signups on their website ASAP. (Leave your URL in the comments to be featured in the next one!)

This month we’re talkin’:

  • Boosting your credibility to show up as more trustworthy to your prospects – what to add to your website and where to build trust and help you sell more
  • What to add and think about to stand out more immediately – we’re talking unique selling points to help make your competition irrelevant!
  • The anatomy of a squeeze page that converts – design and copy elements to persuade your visitors to sign up for that freebie!
  • Why you should kill your carousel now – I don’t care how cute or funny it is!
  • Optimizing your sales page – how to structure your sales content and your freebie for clarity and results, including tips I learned from copywriting genius Courtney Johnston of The Rule Breakers’ Club and evolutionary marketing expert Halley Gray of Evolve and Succeed!
  • …plus if you’re a coach who needs a website this summer, watch until the end because I’ve got a special summer offer to take you from unknown in the interwebz to lookin’ good, inspiring credibility, and attracting lots of new clients so you can kick major ass before leaves start falling from the trees again…

And the world-changers’ websites we’re improving are:


Grab your green smoothie and let’s boost those conversions, superhero!

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4 Responses to Conversion Tips Thursday #6

  1. Thank you so much for reviewing my website Nat! Your feedback was super helpful – I already got rid of those share buttons from the home page.

    And yes, I am a total nerd ;)

    • Hey Christopher, looks like your site is down at the moment. Let me know if you put it back up and wanna be featured in next month’s CTT video. The format is video, not comments ;)

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