Want copy that converts? Here’s some pro advice

Want copy that converts? Get some pro advice here

Good design may catch your eye, but copy is what pulls you in and makes you sign up or buy. (Go here to read more about why design & copy are the only two things you need to grow your business with your website.)

Design & copy work together seamlessly (when done well) to attract and convert your website visitors into subscribers, customers, and fans that help spread your message.

If you want your business and cause to have an impact, help people, and succeed, it’s important to have strategic design and copy that connects with your prospects so you can turn them into clients and customers.

Design that converts

For the design part, you’ve got me (wahoo!).

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Copy that converts

For the copy part? I’ve rounded up some of my favorite copywriters to give you their top tip for website copy that converts visitors into subscribers and buyers.

These women are smart-as-hell feminists, leaders, and rebels passionate about making our world a better place, just like you are. This is why I’ve invited them to share with us their top tips for website copy that converts.

If you haven’t met them yet, you’re in for a treat!

JamieJFocus on ONE thing. One client, one problem, one solution (you/your service product) and one action for your reader to take.

The more simple and uncomplicated your words and directions, the easier you’re making it for that perfect client to say “yes.”

– Jamie Jensen, Your Hot Copy.

Freebie: How to Write an About Page.


Make your copy all about your ideal readers to connect + convert. Write about what’s important to them to help them see the benefits of working with you.

A good way to start writing this way is to swap “we” + “I” for “you” in your copy. It puts the focus squarely on the reader, where it should be!

– Sarah Anderson, Spitfire Scribe.

Click here to get Sarah’s free guide for writing home page copy that converts, cheat sheet included!

JordenIf you want to write high-converting copy, leave out meaningless jargon that your target audience doesn’t understand and show some damn personality!

Because whether you’re writing B2B or B2C copy, you’re advertising to people, and people won’t buy if your copy is confusing or mind-numbingly boring.

– Jorden Roper, Cutthroat Copy and Writing Revolt.

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WhitneyRThis is one of those so-obvious-we-forget-to-do-it conversion tips: make sure you’re asking for action.

Just because you know the action you want visitors to take doesn’t mean they do. So use clear copy to spell it out.

Decide on ONE action you want readers to take on each page of your site. Use crystal clear wording so there’s no confusion over what visitors should do. And include this one call-to-action on each page. (Bonus points for a colorful button pointing the way forward!)

– Whitney Ryan, Copy + Content.

Another so-obvious conversion tip? Speak to the exact person you want to connect with. Download Whitney’s free Audience + Brand Clarity Workbook to start wooing your ideal customers with your copy.

NikkiGIf you want to write website copy that converts, you’ve got to focus on what matters most: RESULTS.

Ask yourself: How do I help people? And be as specific as possible: leaving any buzz words on the cutting room floor and weaving in targeted testimonials to back up every claim you make.

Also, make sure you have a compelling message that ensures people feel seen and heard and understood (I call it “leading with empathy”). And don’t forget to include your story so that readers can connect with you on a personal level. In today’s Trust Economy, that’s a crucial piece of your marketing that you cannot afford to miss.

– Nikki Groom, The F Factor.

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MishaThree words: Call To Action.

Without a singular, appropriate and strong call to action on every piece of copy, your ideal client will be confused – Now what? Should they look at a blog post next? Are they supposed to join your Facebook group or leave a comment? Or should they just click away and go watch funny cat videos instead?

You have to tell them where to go. Then you tell them where to go. Finally, tell them where to go. Lead them the whole way or lose ’em.

– Misha Hettie, Uncommonly Good Biz

Go HERE to get “It’s Not ABOUT You” Guide and finally write an About Page that people WANT to read.

Awesome! Now you’ve got some sharp, pro advice and killer freebies galore to polish up your copy like a champ.

Let us know: What was your main takeaway?
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4 Responses to Want copy that converts? Here’s some pro advice

  1. Such good advice being shared here!! I love that we’re almost all on the same wavelength of incorporating clear CTAs. That’s obviously a place we notice our clients are missing the boat.

    Key takeaway: ask for what you freaking WANT! :)

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