Conversion Tips Thursday #7: Opt-in Forms

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Meet the new Conversion Tips Thursday format! From now on, I’ll be recording a short video with strong, targeted tips for you to boost sales or signups via one particular section of your website.

This month we’re looking at standalone opt-in forms and how to make them attract more subscribers.

What are best practices to follow? What can you tweak right now to see better results?

We’re gonna talk design + copy strategy and I’m going to examine some wonderful examples to show you how it can be done and what you can be shooting for.

Best practices for higher-converting opt-in forms


Location, location, location. Just pretend your opt-in is a luxury apartment ;) The idea is that you want your opt-in form to be eye-catching and show up right away, don’t bury it.

Ideal locations for your opt-in forms include:

  • Header (as high up as possible, whether it’s a horizontal form, a 2-step opt-in in your banner, or at the top of your sidebar)
  • Top of sidebar (although if you also have one across the top, this may be overkill — use your best judgment)
  • End of blog posts (if they’ve read and loved your post, your reader is “primed” to sign up to get more genius from you on the regular)
  • Footer (same idea — they’ve gone through the page, which means they’re interested. If you offer something awesome at that point, they’re more likely to opt in)
  • Pop-ups (these are pretty rad at getting people to sign up for your shiz, although I haven’t used one in a while because so many people hate them, and I’m not too big a fan, myself. Wanna make ‘em less loathsome? Use an exit-intent pop-up, which shows up when people are about to X out of your website, instead of showing up automatically 5 seconds in or whenever)

Go easy on clutter — the cleaner your website is, the better, because what’s important (ahem, your opt-in forms!) will stand out more strongly.


They’ve gotta be eye-catching, bold, sexy, yadda yadda — it’s gotta stand out from the elements you have around it on your website. I’m talking color here, maybe use a photo for the background, or a pattern.

Additionally, make your signup/call/buy buttons stand out with contrasting colors — if your opt-in box is lavender, a purple button may be pretty buuut probably won’t convert as well as a button that is yellow or another bright, contrasting shade.

Remember: there’s a difference between pretty design and good design that gets results.


You need an effective call-to-action (CTA) and descriptive copy to get people to sign up. Click here for tips on copy that converts from a panel of pro copywriters, download their free resources, and make sure you’re giving it your best.

Explain exactly what people are signing up for — are you offering a video training to help single women love themselves so they can find and keep extraordinary love? Then say that, don’t cockblock yourself with something boring and lukewarm like “Sign up for weekly updates to a better love life.” See the difference?

And always show your personality! In other words, you gotta clearly explain what people are clicking over to or signing up for — refrain from overused, vague terms like “newsletter” and “subscribe” and instead inject some personality into it. Think of how you speak in real life and consider whether that language would resonate with your ideal people (it probably would!).

Check out these real-life examples for ideas on how to implement the above tips, plus an extra strategy:


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