Conversion Tips Thursday #8: Sales Pages that Convert

Conversion Tips Thursday #8 - Follow These Best Practices for Sales Pages that Convert

What is the design secret behind sales pages that convert?

The anatomy of sales pages that convert like a boss — a.k.a. sell your THING like crazy — consists of design and copy elements that work together to make your offer irre-freakin’-sistible to the right people.

This advice will work if you:

  • Are selling something that your audience actually wants
  • Have kickass copy to back it up
  • Promote the hell out of it
  • Have a sales funnel in place too to warm up the peeps who aren’t quite ready to buy yet, even better (starting with a freebie, leading into an automated email series, and then pitching them your awesome THING)!

Got those down? Rockin’! Let’s continue.

Now let’s talk design — what’s gonna help your sales page convert like chocolate on Valentine’s Day?

What are best practices and tweaks you can implement today to see get more sales?

Follow these best practices for sales pages that convert:

Divide your sales page up into clearly marked sections

Use color blocks, different backgrounds, boxes, or other design elements.

Colors & fonts

Stick to a consistent color palette (starting with a mood board helps a lot!) and no more than 5 colors including black and white. As far as fonts, you wanna stick to 2-3 max.


Humanize your sales page with non-stocky, non-stuffy stock photos that jive with your brand vibe and story. Make sure your customers can relate to the imagery, that they can actually see themselves in the photos. So consider: who are they? How do they spend their days? What do they like?

Pssst… go here to find awesome free stock photos.


Keep it clean and uncluttered: remove sidebars, social media, navigations, and other elements that aren’t there to lead to a sale and that only distract or take people away from your sales page

Copy formatting

Structure your copy with subheadings strewn throughout so it’s easier to read, and stick to short sentences instead of big blocks of text, cuz ain’t nobody gonna read those!


Spread testimonials across the page. This is social proof and works to not only have people talk about the results you got for them, but also helps potential buyers see themselves in these existing buyers, identify with them, and feel more compelled to buy because FOMO (fear of missing out).

Give many opportunities to buy

Include 3-5 BUY buttons (nope, just 1 isn’t enough). This should be the only call to action you give people on this page.

Explain why your THING is awesome first

Explain how amazing your THING is before you stick ’em with a big sales tag and a BUY button. And remember to focus on results, not just features! A.K.A. nobody cares if your course has 9 lessons — they care that those lessons help them find the love of their life/lose 20lb while eating delicious food/etc.

Authority + show yourself

Your gorgeous boss mug needs to be on there at least once. Invest in a professional headshot or have a talented friend take some for you, looking straight ahead. This is also where you should talk about your qualifications to appear more trustworthy and make it easier for people to buy.

Another way to build authority is to show logos of places you’ve been featured, if relevant.


Is the cart open for a limited time? Do you have a limited number of spots available because you want a smaller, intimate group? If so, be loud and clear about this to entice more FOMO in your potential buyers.

Test, test, test

Do your BUY buttons work? Does your sales page look sweet on smaller screens? (Remember that many people buy from their phones and tablets!)

Optimize the shiz out of it

Optimize everything so your loading time is tight – optimize your images for web and crop them to the size you need instead of using ginormous ones, delete plugins and themes you aren’t using, that sorta thing. Go here for more tips on speeding up your website ASAP.

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  1. This is such a helpful list, Nat! There’s so much that goes in to a good sales page, it’s hard to keep track of it all. So it’s awesome to have a punch list to keep the design in check. Thanks, lady!!

    • Pumped you found it super helpful, my dear Whitney! Maybe I should’ve made a checklist ;) Thank you for reading!

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