How to optimize your website to convert traffic from social media

5 intertwined strategies for your next launch to optimize your website to convert traffic from social media into warm leads so you can make more sales.

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It is LAUNCH SEASON, yo (are you drowning in launch emails from fellow world-changing entrepreneurs yet?). Welp, I’ve got some advice for you to make sure the traffic you’re drawing from social media is put to good use so you can make more sales: I’m talkin’ how to optimize your website to convert traffic from social media (Facebook ads, Tweets, you name it!).

So lemme guess: you’re kicking butt at social media — you’re growing your following like never before on a few choice platforms where your ideal peeps hang out, maybe you run ads on Facebook or elsewhere, and you’re getting some waffles-and-whipped-cream-level-sweet traffic (am I hungry?!) to your website as a result of your efforts. You know you’re reaching the right audience for your launch and you’re doing a happy dance about it.

Buuut maybe once these visitors get to your website, they’re not exactly doing what you were hoping. (As in, most of them are bouncing instead of subscribing or buying.)

Ugghhh the worst!

Alas, that’s what happens when your traffic is solid (a.k.a. targeted so you’re getting the right people), but your website isn’t optimized for it, so the new visitors end up clicking away before you can show ‘em how rad-tastic and life-altering your offerings are.

*Womp womp* (Cue miserable trombone music.)

Yeah, that sucks.

Now, assuming your ads are bringing in relevant (as opposed to random) traffic, we can fix it.

Here are 5 intertwined strategies to optimize your website to convert traffic from social media into warm leads:

1. Direct your traffic to free content first

Don’t send your traffic straight to a sales page — this seldom works, especially if the item isn’t super low-priced, because most people aren’t ready to buy straight-up.

Your visitors need some warming up and convincing that what you’re selling is really what they need and what’s gonna make a difference for them.

People get ads and pitches thrown at ‘em left and right. If you can show kickass value before you pitch? You’ll stand out from the masses and be much more likely to see sales come through.

Remember that the vast majority of the time, you need to build up the KLT — know, like & trust — factor with people before they’ll buy from you.

Speaking of offering free value before you ask for something back, check out this killer post on transforming email subscribers into (paying) superfans with a compelling nurture sequence. Nurture sequences work like gangbusters to get you more customers, so definitely get one in place as part of your funnel!

2. Give your visitors a clear call-to-action (CTA)

Don’t just send your new traffic to a blog post or your Home page — this is vague and can leave visitors confused and frustrated. And you know what users do when they’re confused and frustrated? They click away, because ain’t nobody got time for BS!

(Cue more unbearable trombone music.)

The solution? You gotta tell ‘em what to do! For example, to sign up or subscribe to something so they can get on your mailing list and enter your sales funnel. For this, it’s best to send them to a squeeze page, particularly if you’re running ads on Facebook or another platform and promoting something specific.

A squeeze page is a page on your website whose purpose is to “squeeze” a person’s email out of them (sounds vicious, right?).

A squeeze page is a landing page that’s very specific in that it lacks distractions such as a navigation or social media feeds, and just presents users with information on what they’ll get in exchange for their email.

The goal is to seduce and persuade, like getting your free offer all dressed up in black lace, blood-red lipstick, and sexy-as-hell stilettos that kill your feet but make your ass look even more amazing (ahem, says the gal who lives in her Birkenstocks! But the point remains!). You can build one on your website or use an external service (for example, Leadpages) for it.

Go here to learn how to create a squeeze page that actually converts.

And if you are sending people to a blog post, make sure there’s a bold, easy-to-spot, and attention-grabbing opt-in form at the end (or sprinkled throughout) so they’ll be more likely to sign up for your emails. Ideally, you’ll have a content upgrade so that the copy on the opt-in form will correspond directly with what you’re teaching people in your blog post.

This all helps make it a no-brainer for peeps to say “Eff yeah I’ll give you my email!” and then everybody wins (do you hear the sound of a champagne bottle popping open too?!).

How to optimize your website to convert traffic from social media

3. Create a custom landing/squeeze page for each ad you run

Whether you’re running ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or elsewhere, your ads will be most effective if the people they send to your website reach a squeeze page tailored perfectly to the ad, instead of reaching your Home or another page on your site with an unclear or unrelated CTA.

Got different ads running? Make sure the squeeze page each ad points to is fully relevant, as opposed to throwing pasta at the wall to see what sticks, as they say — however tasty (and gluten-free!) your pasta may be, it won’t stick to the proverbial wall if your ad and your squeeze page don’t make sense together.

4. Get your traffic into a funnel

Converting social media traffic into email subscribers is called soft conversion. And it’s awesome and absolutely worth nurturing, even if it doesn’t bring you a sale right away. I’ve definitely had veritable strangers find me through Google or a comment in someone’s blog and decide to give me thousands of dollars right away, but I’ve also had clients come from my list; one woman was on my mailing list for over a year before hiring me — for my biggest, most ambitious website project to date.

So send your visitors to free content first, such as a freebie that you’re offering via a squeeze page, and get your traffic into your sales funnel that way so they’re primed to buy later.

This means you should be sure that after you deliver your awesomesauce freebie to your new subscribers, you have some smart automated emails following up telling them more about what you do and how you can help them, and delivering additional great value as well as overcoming objections (answering FAQs and incorporating testimonials into these emails are dope strategies for this!).

And you wanna do all this before you ask them to send money your way. You don’t wanna come off as as a sleazeball, you wanna come off as a standup entrepreneur who knows her shit and is here to help, so much so that they’re excited to fork over their money to you in exchange for something you’ve made or for your absolutely precious one-on-one time. And this is how you do it.

If you don’t have this in place yet, again, I highly recommend my friend Whitney’s guest post on transforming email subscribers into (paying) superfans with a compelling nurture sequence.

5. Always give your visitors a great user experience

Listen, ain’t nobody got time to figure out what “Call me maybe” means on your menu bar when they’re trying to find your Contact page, or to dig through visual clutter when a kind, hopeful soul is just trying to find out how to hire you because HEY they thought you were fantastic!

Make it easy on these hopeful souls instead of trying to get cutesy — because most of the time, it’s probably coming off as annoying. (Consider this the copy equivalent of using a slideshow or carousel on your website.)

Ensure that your website is strategic, clear, and works as it should on all size screens. Clarity always wins over cleverness. Whether you’re sending people to a squeeze page or they end up elsewhere on your website, they should always know who you are and be able to quickly orient themselves to find what they need.

There should be no clutter (I’m talkin’ to you, social media feeds!) and everything on every page should have a purpose. Not sure if your site fits the bill? Check out these 6 web design rules for a website that converts to help make sure your efforts aren’t wasted.

When combined, these 5 strategies will go a very long way to optimize your website to convert traffic from social media into warm leads and eventually (maybe even quickly!) into your next buyers and raving fans.

Which one(s) are you going to implement for your next launch to convert traffic from social media, superhero?
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