Keep Your WordPress Happy: Essential Tips – April 2017

Website Superhero - Keep Your WordPress Happy Essential Tips - April 2017
Welcome to the April Keep Your WordPress Happy: Essential Tips monthly column! (See past columns here: JanuaryFebruary, and March.)

Every month in 2017 I’m covering any big news in the WordPress world, new favorite tools, and maintenance tips & best practices to keep your WordPress happy and your website makin’ that moolah for yo’ biz.

Let’s begin, superhero!

Keep Your WordPress Happy: Essential Tips – April 2017

What’s up in the WordPress world?

Thousands of Sites Hacked via Home Routers

Weird news: thousands of hacked home routers are trying to hack WordPress sites. So be sure you’re running proper security measures:

Click here to check if your home router could be affected.

And read this post on why hackers are targeting your site.

Big WooCommerce Update

The super popular e-commerce plugin WooCommerce has released a BIG update: its 3.0 version – but don’t update yet!

It’s been breaking a ton of websites (and with Mercury retrograde since this week, well, you know what that means!). Wait until they work out all the kinks before you update WooCommerce itself as well as any WooCommerce extension plugins you may have running on your website (and when you do, definitely do it in a staging area a.k.a. test site first in case something breaks!)

If this is your first time hearing about WooCommerce, it’s a plugin used to sell both digital and physical products on your website. Read this post on how to sell products on your website if you’ve never done it!

New favorite WordPress tools

Favorite Events Plugin

After trying out 4 competitors, I ended up preferring the Event Organiser.

It lets you set up recurring events for free (many plugins only offer this in their paid plan), display your events in different ways (as a full monthly calendar, events list, and more), lets you set up a registration system, and lots more options – all in their free plan.

So if you run a regular Facebook Live, yoga class, or anything in between, you may wanna give this one a trial run!

Give Your SEO a Boost

Even if you don’t blog that often, keep your site current in Google’s eyes with recurrent social media sharing to show up higher in search results.

I run many SEO sites for various brands, and the blogs running this plugin fall on page 1 or 2 of Google results as opposed to the sites that don’t, which show up on later pages (which nobody sees).

Use the free Revive Old Post plugin to automatically Tweet your blog posts for you, bringing you continual traffic and hopefully leads – plus, show up higher in Google, which is always useful for potential lead generation. I recommend having the plugin Tweet out your content at the very least once daily – several times per day is great on Twitter, as each Tweet gets phased out after about an hour or less.

Of course, a holistic SEO strategy that includes high-quality informative content, keywords and other best practices (the free plugin Yoast can help tremendously) is your best bet for a strong online business – and keeping current in Google’s eyes is an important component.

Your Monthly WordPress Maintenance

Have 5 minutes? That’s okay! Got 30? Even better! Either way, we can help keep WordPress happy and your website humming along helping your biz grow.

Here’s what you need to do this month to keep your WordPress happy:

Wanna get serious about keeping your website business-ready & proactive in getting your leads? The tech’s gonna run properly, there’s no way around it.
Check out the FREE 5-day “Superclean Your Website” Challenge to get on the right path. (Beginners welcome!)

2 Responses to Keep Your WordPress Happy: Essential Tips – April 2017

  1. Thanks for making this feel so easy, Nat! It’s so overwhelming thinking of maintaining your website. But this is awesome.

    Installing the broken link checker plugin now, too. A little scared of what I might find! ?

    • Hey Whit!
      Soooo great to hear that feedback ? Please reach out any time with questions – my goal is to help you get comfy with your website maintenance so your site is always running smoothly and speedily ?

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