Keep Your WordPress Website Happy: Essential Tips – July 2017

Website Superhero - Keep Your WordPress Website Happy Essential Tips - July 2017

Welcome to the JULY Keep Your WordPress Website Happy: Essential Tips monthly column! (See past columns here: JanuaryFebruary, March, April, May, and June.)

FYI from January to December 2017 I’m writing about any big news & happenings in the Internet and WordPress worlds, new favorite tools to get more done faster and more easily, and website maintenance tips & best practices to keep your WordPress website happy and your website working as your reliable 24/7 salesperson. Because you should be focusing on your business (where da money is!), not fussing over your website.

Behold the July edition of the Keep Your WordPress Website Happy column. Let’s jump in!

Keep Your WordPress Website Happy: Essential Tips – July 2017

What’s up in da Interwebz?


You’ve probably heard of AMP a.k.a. Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages project by now. Basically, now when you Google something via a mobile device, you’ll usually see AMP results near the top and displaying the AMP icon (AMP lightning bolt icon):

AMP screenshot - WordPress Website Happy July

AMP results are faster versions of web pages, so that when you’re on a mobile device, your content loads WAYYY faster.

And given that AMP results often appear before any other set of results, you’d def have a leg up on the competition if your content shows up there when your ideal client Googles something!

The catch? You’ve gotta create AMP versions of your posts (especially) and pages yourself.

The good news? It’s easy and fast on WordPress and I’m gonna tell you everything you need to do (and none of what you don’t, because we’re all busy here, darnit!).

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Meet the New Marketing

If marketing has ever felt manipulative to you, that’s because you’re right: a lot of people do use pushy, ethically questionable marketing tactics to promote their business.

And if you’ve wondered whether there’s a better way, I’m happy to answer: YUP! You betcha. Some great minds are rising up and saying “No more” to shitty marketing.

The terms “new marketing” and “feminist marketing” have been popping up lately and I’m pretty excited. Notably:

If you’re sick of the ubiquitous manipulative marketing, whether it’s being pushed at you by another company or whether you’ve been trying to force yourself to do something your marketing coach told you to for years but that makes you wanna upchuck (eff you, webinars!), you’ll probably enjoy checking out the aforementioned resources (P.S. none of them are affiliate links).

Because “the mainstream, online sales tactics and blueprints normalized by ‘The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand’ are not good for women, marginalized peoples or the collective future we’re inventing, together.”

Well said, Kelly D.! It’s time to step it up with some much-needed integrity, together.

What’s going on in the WordPress world?

Yoast SEO 5.0

There’s a new free Yoast SEO feature in the 5.0 release that’s pretty neat – and yeap, you get it in the free version! Go ahead and update your Yoast SEO to the latest version to take advantage of its latest toy: the Internal Linking & Text Link Counter.

Why use the Text Link Counter? To see right from your Dashboard > All Posts which blog posts need a boost. You’ll see which ones are linking out to other posts (and how many) and how many other posts are linking to that one, so you can step up your interlinking if needed, as of course this helps with your overall SEO strategy wink wink.

Updated your Yoast SEO plugin and still don’t see the # of links in your post columns? Here’s what you do:

Go to Yoast SEO –> Dashboard –> General –> Internal Linking & Text Link Counter. Click on those buttons to enable the feature.

Yoast SEO text link counter - Keep Your WordPress Website Happy Essential Tips - July 2017

Yoast SEO internal linking suggestions - Keep Your WordPress Website Happy Essential Tips - July 2017

P.S. Yoast takes its sweet time to analyze your content and generate suggestions for posts, so leave it running in the background while you do something else off your website.

Note: if you’re not on WordPress and want SEO help from Yoast, check out their Real-time Content Analysis tool, which shows you what your page might look like on a Google search result page and gives you some of the plugin’s useful tips, like adding a meta description and word count.

New favorite WordPress website tools

Helpful SSL plugins

As mentioned in the How to Enable Free SSL in Siteground and Flywheel post, the Insecure Content Fixer plugin is awesome at helping you, ahem, fix insecure content – so that you can go from http: to https: in a flash.

Another dope plugin you can try if you get stuck is Really Simple SSL. It’s also free and also has great reviews.

As previously discussed, you’ll still need to set up your SSL beforehand. But it’s super easy if your WordPress site is hosted on Siteground (cheap, fast, and with friendly customer service) or Flywheel (pricier, managed hosting currently running a get-3-months-free special).

Monthly WordPress Website Maintenance Best Practices

Only got 5 minutes? I can help! Got 30? We’ll dig deeper! No matter what, we can so some maintenance to keep your WordPress website happy and fast, giving your visitors a pleasant time and making you those dolla bills.

Here’s what you need to do this month to keep your WordPress website happy and working for you without a hitch:

Make sure you’re doing everything you can from a tech standpoint to keep your WordPress website happy and converting visitors into customers consistently.

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4 Responses to Keep Your WordPress Website Happy: Essential Tips – July 2017

  1. Your monthly newsletters are always so helpful! Thank you for the resource on feminist marketing – this addresses a need for me that I didn’t know how to put into words. :)

    • Lee I’m so happy to hear that! ALL of it :D

      I hear you about feminist marketing addressing a need I didn’t know how to put into words… I’d been dissatisfied with marketing for yearsss and didn’t know how to get to the bottom of what bothered me. I had a marketing coach who didn’t “do feelings” and I was blocked all over and had no help. I had a sales coach who kept trying to get me to manipulate people (“Just put it on your credit card!” she would tell me to say to prospects who couldn’t afford it) and I refused because GROSS. I had my inbox full of fake scarcity BS tactics from entrepreneurs all over the web. And it seemed that was the only way to “win” at this and I wasn’t buying it. I’ve struggled a lot around this. Excited to see what else emerges from the internet as part of Feminist Marketing :)

      • YES! Exactly! I have paid for three marketing-related programs, two of which left me feeling like I needed to take a shower. The third one is by a well-respected and well-known marketing expert, and while I like her work (and listen to her podcast), her techniques seem a little too broad and cookie-cutter. I’m really interested in how to approach marketing from a stance that’s consistent with my beliefs and values. Thanks for helping me make that connection!

        • We’re sooo on the same boat. I’ve poured many thousands of dollars into marketing programs and coaching since 2013. At this point it seems most people I come across are regurgitating the same ideas, just in their own “branded” way maybe (sometimes not even that). I’m excited about the future of marketing and how much truer/more sincere/more helpful we can get with it. I’d LOVE to know what you get out of working with Kelly Diels if you move fwd with her :) And thank you so much for reading! I’m honored to help you make that connection ❤️

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