Keep Your WordPress Website Happy: Essential Tips – Aug 2017

Keep your WordPress website happy - essential tips August 2017 - from Website Superhero

Welcome to the AUGUST Keep Your WordPress Website Happy: Essential Tips monthly column! (See past columns here: JanuaryFebruary, March, April, May, June, and July.)

FYI from January to December 2017 I’m writing about any big news & happenings in the Internet and WordPress worlds, new favorite tools to get more done faster and more easily, and website maintenance tips & best practices to keep your WordPress website happy and your website working as your reliable 24/7 salesperson. Because you should be focusing on your business (where your passion + the clients are!) instead of frustrated over your website.

Keep Your WordPress Website Happy: Essential Tips – August 2017

What’s up in da Interwebz?

Designing your own website and struggling with colors and such?

Check out this super neat tool from Google to help you pick hues that you and your audience can love, and apply them to a UI (user interface) to test them before you implement them on your website:

What’s going on in the WordPress world?

WP 4.9

WordPress 4.9 is coming in November so keep those updates going so this next big update doesn’t throw things outta whack for ya ;) This update will bring code editing and customization improvements. Woot!

Jetpack 5.2

The Jetpack plugin version 5.2 was released this month and it brought an update to its contact form feature – so if you’re using Jetpack and also separately a contact form plugin, consider switching to Jetpack so you can eliminate a plugin you don’t need! (After you update Jetpack to 5.2 ;).)

Remember that cleaning up your website and deleting unused plugins helps keep your website healthy, happy, and running faster – which is good for your visitors and good for SEO. Shazam!

Here’s what the new UI for Jetpack’s contact form looks like:

your wordpress website - jetpack_contact form

After you select “Add Contact Form” (#1) then click anywhere on the form to bring up the “Edit” option (#2). Click on “Edit” to play ;)

FYI Jetpack 5.2 also improves on the 5.1 version release of the Comment Likes, letting you like people’s comments on the blog (akin to Facebook’s Like feature). Coolness!

The Internet of Things + WordPress

Torque wrote a neat article about how to combine the IoT with WordPress, including use cases like, “A bell that goes off whenever there’s a new comment, sale, or plugin update on your site.” Neat, huh?!

Check out the article on Torque to learn how to set up IoT for yourself with smart devices and software like IFTTT (If This Then That).

WordPress Website Maintenance Best Practices for August

In a time crunch? It’s all good, sistah, I’ve gotcha: use this WordPress checkup that takes just 5 minutes. Can spare more time? Sweet! You’ll find useful tidbits there too. The point is to do at least a little bit to keep your WordPress website running happy and fast, making your visitors (and Google) happy too and making you those dolla dolla bills, yo! (Sometimes I hear myself talk and wonder, “Who said that?!”)

Because sometimes a website can turn into this:

your wordpress website front end vs back end

And when that happens, very soon the sh*t hits the fan and everything comes crumbling down – a.k.a. your website gets replaced by a white screen of death and it’s time for an ugly-cry.

Sooo here’s what you need to do in August to keep your WordPress website happy:

Take a little time each month to do your part keeping your WordPress website happy and converting visitors into customers consistently for a thriving business ?

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