What Coaching Can Teach You About Digital Marketing

What Coaching Can Teach You About Digital Marketing - guest post on Website Superhero


Are you a coach? Are you still trying to get a better grip on digital marketing for your biz?

You’re probably wiser than you think! This post is all about extrapolating things you already know as a coach to make you a better marketer.

The end goal? To grow your business further.

Let’s begin!

Guest post by Victoria Greene, Content Marketing Expert and Copywriter 

As a coach working in any given discipline, you will understand that success comes with continuous improvement, remaining flexible, and having the curiosity to explore new ideas all the time. For your potential clients, surfing the web to find the right business coach can bring up more questions than it does answers.

As 21st century consumers, we have learned to read reviews and digest a lot of background information before coming to a final purchasing decision. Now more than ever, trust is essential: no matter what you’re selling.

The post will tell you what coaching can teach you about digital marketing, helping you attract the right clients and build trust with a wider online audience.

What Coaching Can Teach You About Digital Marketing

Lesson 1: Know Your Audience + Share Your Passion

Anyone who starts their own business knows that no would-be entrepreneur starts off knowing all there is to know about their chosen profession. You may have degree of background knowledge and experience in your chosen field, but ultimately, it’s the passion to help other people that drives you forward.

In digital marketing, thinking of your website as a portal to offer ‘help’ to your customers is a good place to start — it’s the perfect place to share your passion and knowledge. You need to be open to actively ‘listening’ to your digital audience, just as you would a client in your offices.

Any great conversion strategy begins with a list of questions. Similarly, coaches have to frequently go back to their clients’ common questions to formulate a plan that will overcome obstacles. To achieve your digital marketing goals, gather audience feedback and data to help you ask the right questions, and make a structured plan for online success. This is a solid lesson coaching can teach you about digital marketing.

Getting your head around things like big data insights can feel daunting, but seeking guidance online can help you easily navigate things like Google Analytics and social media analytics, and explore avenues you may have previously thought were not relevant to your services (such as Instagram marketing, Amazon self-publishing, or guest blogging).

Lesson 2: Build A Personal Brand

As with a coaching client, your online presence needs to be powerful and compelling. To eliminate customer hesitation, you must create a sales funnel that effectively nudges your site visitors from your home page to your final ‘call to action’ page (in the case of coaching, making an appointment).

Your business plan and ultimate ‘pitch’ will need to be crystalized in your mind before you begin to make your own website. Everything your web page does must be centered around selling yourself. The anatomy of a successful brochure site should include:

  • An eye-catching homepage with an inspiring ‘hero’ image featured prominently at the top of the page.
  • An About page (this will likely be the second most viewed page of your site, so make sure the writing is detailed and shows your abilities in their best possible light). A professional photograph of yours truly will make you appear more approachable, so don’t be camera shy — and you may want to include it elsewhere as well (social media, email signature).
    You will need a blog index page with regularly updated posts (at the very least, you will need to publish once a week).
  • A contact page making it as easy as possible for people to contact you.
  • You should also display all of your social media profiles links from your home page, as well as add ‘share’ buttons to all of your blog posts.

As a coach, it is your job to offer your clients certainty in their ability to meet their own goals. Use this sense of certainty to create a professional-looking website that will help set the right tone for your customers.

Lesson 3: Constant Experimentation

This is a big one when it comes to what coaching can teach you about digital marketing. As any coach worth their salt knows, the needs of your clients will change over time so you should be receptive and flexible in meeting their needs. Experimentation is not only a key part of the self-development process, it’s also a central tenet of digital marketing.

Make adjustments as and when you need to keep your marketing messages and service offerings fresh and attractive to repeat and new visitors. A/B testing features on your own website can give you insight into what elements are doing well with users (especially crucial for lead gen and e-commerce elements).

Lesson 4: Expand Your Influence

Networking as a coach is an important part of keeping your professional skills sharp — and social skills are just as important online. Building relationships with the thought leaders in your industry will help you become a better entrepreneur and coach to others also climbing the ladder of success.

Marketing through social media channels will be vital in building up your digital sphere of influence. Interacting with influencers on social will enable you to create better content and ‘ride the wave’ of their audience. Find the right people to follow, guest post for, and engage with, by searching online using sites like Followerwonk or Klout.

As well as building relationships, expanding your influence with positive reviews can raise your online profile in a number of ways. You star ratings will appear in search engine results, the comments received can help you improve your services over time, and you will find out what your customers really want and need from your coaching business.

Digital marketing is a vital part of building your profile as a coach. Taking lessons on what coaching can teach you about digital marketing involves learning to respond and adapt your marketing messages and website to suit your audience, and this will help you stay relevant with new and existing clients and help your business grow.

Let’s discuss! What lessons would you add on what coaching can teach you about digital marketing?

Vicky Greene - What Coaching Can Teach You About Digital MarketingVictoria Greene is a content marketing expert who loves to help businesses grow.

She’s also a freelance writer and runs her own blog at victoriaecommerce.

Big advocate of fast and furious content marketing that cuts straight to the point.

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