How to Install Google Analytics on WordPress and Squarespace (Video Tutorial!)

How to Install Google Analytics on WordPress and Squarespace (Video Tutorial!) - Website Superhero

Are you (at all) familiar with your Google Analytics data? Have you ever even set up Google Analytics for your website? If you don’t know how to install Google Analytics on WordPress (or Squarespace), I and my analytics expert guest tutor Cinthia Pacheco have got you covered, superhero!

Your Google Analytics is a (FREE!) treasure trove of killer insights for your business!

You can learn things such as:

  • Where (exactly!) your traffic is coming from
  • If your Facebook ads dollars paid off, so you can gauge whether to run FB ads on your next launch
  • Whether your Pinterest marketing is bringing you business or useless traffic
  • What your most popular blog content is (hello, ideas for paid courses!)
  • Audience demographics: the age range, gender, and interests of your specific website visitors (holy guacamole!)
  • What search terms people are using to find your website (woot content marketing ideas!)

It’s pretty effing excellent.

And what you can do with this data is fantastic (I’ll be diving into this more in the future, but let’s just say it can transform your marketing by making it WAY more targeted so you can reach the right people more easily).

Earlier this year, Cinthia came on the blog to discuss how to use Google Analytics for your business and showcased what she achieved for three of her clients.

Now, we’re backtracking to help make sure everyone has this tremendous tool in place to begin with, so you can leverage its powers to move your business forward. The first step is getting an account and installing the code on your website!

So if you haven’t set up your Google Analytics yet, you absolutely should! And if you have zero clue how to proceed, you’re in the right place, so keep reading 😉

How to Install Google Analytics on WordPress and Squarespace

Don’t know where to start? LUCKY YOU I’ve brought in Google Analytics expert Cinthia Pacheco of Digimorphs to teach you with an actionable video tutorial great for all levels!

In this short video tutorial that’s super actionable and simple for all levels, you’ll learn:

  • How to set up your Google Analytics account from scratch if you don’t already have one (all you need is a free Gmail account to start)
  • Where to grab the tracking code
  • How to install your Google Analytics tracking code in your WordPress website
  • And just in case you’re on Squarespace, also how to install your Google Analytics tracking code in your Squarespace website (skip ahead to around minute 9 for Squarespace!)
  • Plus, how to check that your Google Analytics code is installed properly so that it will track data for you like it’s supposed to – so all you’ll get are useful surprises from GA from now on!

You’ll also get useful tips, like making sure to set up the correct time zone (whether you’re setting up the Google Analytics account for yourself or for a client if you happen to be a web developer or virtual assistant!).

Take 10′ of your day to watch this video tutorial and learn how to install Google Analytics on WordPress and Squarespace. It’s one easy and quick step you can take today to strengthen your marketing and SEO strategy and work smarter.

Once the code is in place on your website and it starts gathering data on your website traffic and activity, you’ll be able to unlock a treasure trove of business insights within a few weeks (the longer you have it, the richer the data you’ll reap).


Watch this video tutorial to learn how to install Google Analytics on WordPress and Squarespace (beginner-friendly!):

Resources mentioned in the video tutorial:

We hope you loved this video tutorial on how to install Google Analytics on WordPress and Squarespace for beginners!

Questions or comments? Just drop ’em below in the comments and we’ll get right back to you.

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    • Hi Vladimir! Haha oh dang, that’s a lot of tries. Awesome that you did it! This Google Analytics tutorial would’ve definitely saved you some time ;) Thank you so much for reading!

    • So happy for you! Having Google Analytics data to feed your business decisions can be Wonderful! Thank you for watching :)

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