WordPress Tips for 2018 to Keep Your Site Happy

WordPress Tips for 2018 to Keep Your Site Happy - Website Superhero digital marketing

This DECEMBER column with WordPress tips for 2018 is the LAST. EVER. Keep Your WordPress Website Happy column! So let’s make it rad, shall we? Chock-full of actionable, up-to-the-freakin-minute WordPress tips for 2018 you can use right now to make your small business website work harder and better for you, superhero!

First, to give you some context about the Keep Your WordPress Website Happy monthly column (one last time!):

During 2017, every month I’ve been writing about big news and announcements in the WordPress industry, together with anything relevant to ALL peeps who run an online business website. 

This 12-month blog series touches on what you need to know, spanning everything from new favorite tools you can install for higher conversions, to security heads ups and website maintenance best practices to implement (quickly). The goal? To help keep your WordPress website happy and working hard as your reliable 24/7 salesperson so you can focus on growing your client base and subscriber list, not your website woes! 

See the previous 2017 Keep Your WordPress Website Happy columns below:

And now it’s time for the December 2017 edition! (And a whole new surprise come next month…) Christmas and New Year’s Eve are almost here and, now that you’ve prepared for the holidays, you’ve got a lot of people to snuggle around the fireplace, so let’s keep this snappy!

WordPress Tips for 2018 to Keep Your Website Happy

What’s up in da Interwebz?

The 10 most-read marketing articles

If you own a small business, you need to know marketing! Here’s a shortcut for ya: Think with Google’s 10 most-read articles of 2017.

From how to sell to Generation Z or millennial parents (if they’re your target audience) to how to increase the effectiveness of your ads during a launch, this selection of the 10 hottest articles on Think with Google will give you a lot to, um, ponder. Thanks, Googs!

Best podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Love listening to a podcast while walking your dog? You might find your next favorite podcast below!

Sue Zimmerman has compiled her 6 favorites, and I already have a new personal favorite from her list (Tara Gentile’s Power. Profit. Pursuit!). Check out Sue’s recommendations and learn something new this week to implement in 2018!

And as I’m disappointed that only 2 out of 6 of Sue’s recommended podcasts are hosted by women, here my own recommendations of other (awesome) podcasts hosted by women:

  • Hit the Mic with Stacey Harris – whip your social media strategy into shape! Psst listen to this episode where Stacey and I talk about the 2 critical pieces your website needs.
  • Business Mindset Podcast – because enlightened women know mindset is everything! Hosted by my friend Holly Worton. Check out this old school episode where we discuss how to keep your website glitch-free!
  • Digitally Overwhelmed – Listen as my friend Cinthia Pacheco talks to various experts about how to best approach your online tools and systems to be successful, while still saying sane. In this “upside-down” episode, I interview her about how people can offer Google Analytics reporting as a service (so if you want to do this, check it out!).
  • Invisibilia – for da geeks! (Who’s with me?) This NPR podcast co-hosted by Hanna Rosin, Alix Spiegel, and Lulu Miller interweaves narrative storytelling with scientific research as it explores the invisible forces that rule human behavior.
  • Rocket – For da really big geeks! Every week Christina Warren, Brianna Wu and Simone de Rochefort talk tech, comics, movies, games and books.

December 2017 WordPress News

WordCamp Central - WordPress tips for 2018 from Website Superhero

Hit up a WordCamp near you!

I’ve mentioned this before: WordCamp is a wonderful, affordable conference covering not just WordPress but also entrepreneurship, SEO, marketing, and more (so it’ll be valuable even if you use Shopify or Squarespace). And it takes place worldwide!

You can (and should!) go to one to meet people you can collaborate with, get (free! live!) help on your WordPress project, meet a new mastermind buddy, even pitch yourself to be an upcoming speaker! Make 2018 the year you go to your next (or first!) WordCamp and enlarge your community. Click here to find a WordCamp near you.

Free trainings 24/7

From website security with WordPress to client onboarding for web design projects, explore ALL the trainings WordCamps have ever offered for free here.

WordPress Tips for 2018: Maintenance Best Practices

I know you wan to rest with your family and friends for the rest of 2017, and that is amazing! Put what’s most important first :) So even if you only have 5 minutes, check out the 5-minute WordPress checkup for the basics you can implement right now (this is one of my top WordPress tips for 2018 and beyond!). Then, you can rest easy knowing your website will be doing what it’s supposed to. (Once my website crashed when I was in a Swedish forest on NYE with spotty internet access… not fun! But at least I was able to fix it fast because I had a backup ;))

Do this in every month to keep your WordPress website happy and running smoothly:

Use these WordPress tips for 2018 and you’ll have a website that runs smoothly and sells while keeping Google pleased. It’s win-win-win!

Need some help applying these WordPress tips for 2018 for a site that’s happy and glitch-free?
Take the FREE 5-day “Superclean Your Website” Challenge!

4 Responses to WordPress Tips for 2018 to Keep Your Site Happy

  1. Awesome resource Nat! Thank you for the reminder to check for broken links etc. I needed that! I’m guilty of putting website maintenance on the back burner! Also, I’m going to catch up on all your other WordPress Happy posts over my holiday break :-)

    • Very happy you found it awesome, Yolanda! And you’re welcome for the reminder – it’s one of those little things we tend to forget about but that’s important. My goal with this column has been to provide those reminders ;) Thanks so much for reading and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

  2. Now 2019 but still I think this post are trendy and helpful. I’ve been a fan of WordPress since it’s very early days as simply a blogging platform. I am currently using my Edublog account to create an ePortfolio for my degree as well as creating an opportunity for people to subscribe to follow and interact with me along the way!

    • Hey Scott, I’m happy you found the post and that it’s still helpful for you! Very cool on your project – WP is a versatile beast that can be used for many purposes :)

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