21 SEO Strategies to Rank Higher in Google

21 SEO Strategies to Rank Higher in Google - Website Superhero

You’ve tried a few SEO strategies to rank higher in Google… but you know there’s more you could do, so I’m bringing you 21 to experiment with! (And if you’re an SEO beginner who doesn’t know where to start, this is for you too!)

The more traffic and engagement your website receives, plus the longer visitors stay on it, the more Google will understand it’s relevant and important and want to make it rank higher. But what about getting people to your website to begin with? It’s all covered here, superhero!

SEO is often perceived as this nebulous, mysterious cloud of Google wizardry… but I promise you: there’s logic and intent behind it, and it’s very learnable! So if you’re down to learn this stuff, I’m down to wear my purple cape and show you da ropes!

Note: These strategies are largely geared toward virtual businesses more than local ones. Let me know if you need local SEO help and I’ll focus more on local SEO tips next time!

Here you’ll find 21 concrete things you can do — actual SEO strategies to rank higher in Google — spanning from usability and content to tweaks you can make, all to increase traffic and engagement on your website.

21 SEO Strategies to Rank Higher in Google

#1 Get Responsive

Make sure your website is mobile friendly a.k.a. responsive. (Here’s how to make sure your site is responsive.)

I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this in 2018, but I still hit up websites sometimes where I want to shoot myself in the eye because I have to zoom in and out on my phone all over the place to read things (*cough* I’m looking at YOU, restaurant websites *cough*).

You need a responsive website, yo! Google cares and it’s been keeping track and penalizing non-responsive sites since 2015!

#2 Local SEO

If you run a local brick and mortar business, here’s a good tip: add your address to your footer on every page. This is also excellent to do if you have a brick and mortar office where you see local clients or a store customers can visit, regardless of whether you also see clients virtually.

#3 Yoast

If your website is on WordPress, use the Yoast SEO plugin on every page and post. Here’s a Yoast SEO tutorial for you!

I started doing this several years ago, before I knew much about SEO, and it’s been one of the SEO strategies to rank higher in Google that’s served me best! People from all over have found this website thanks to my blog posts showing up in search results! So get on this, superhero!

Fast loading time - 21 SEO Strategies to Rank Higher in Google - Website Superhero

#4 Loading Time

Keep your website loading fast. You’ve got about 3 seconds to convince someone to hang around — they’re gonna bail if your website loads at a turtle’s pace (as much as I love turtles, those dudes as s-l-o-w)!

Pro tip: pick a great and fast hosting provider, like Siteground (my fave for fast, affordable non-managed hosting!).

Also, check out the free 5-day challenge here to help you lighten and speed up your website.

#5 Use SSL

Enable SSL on your website. Here’s how to enable it for free when you use one of these two best hosting providers.

#6 Share content on social

Share your content on social media and encourage others to do it too by making your content easily shareable. How many times your content gets shared is one of the things Google’s algorithm takes into account!

Got some social media sharing plugin recommendations for you here.

#7 Get clicks

Use the CTA (call to action) to click over to your website when you share your content on emails and social media. Even if you’re not technical at all, this is one of the easiest-to-implement SEO strategies to rank higher in Google, so I advise you get on this like white on rice!

Make it easy for email recipients to click on links in your email to increase click-through rates. Simply telling people to “Click here!” can be enough to motivate people to tap or click through to a site!

#8 Get more clicks! ALL THE CLICKS!

Email marketing tip: It’s a good idea to make the images in your emails link back to your site or to the service or product page you’re promoting. Do this in addition to the above CTA step ;)

Keep content fresh - 21 SEO Strategies to Rank Higher in Google - Website Superhero

#9 Keep that shizz fresh

Update your website regularly a.k.a. blog to keep your content fresh!

Even if you don’t blog, I’ve got a story for you: a client of mine has a website only used once a year or so to promote certain offers. I switched the banner image and that week the domain jumped up a few spots in the rankings. You never know!

#10 Share all your content

Add your newsletters, podcast episodes, and YouTube videos to your website as posts if you haven’t already — you’ll have more content for Google to show potential visitors, Google will see your website gets regular updates, and you won’t have to reinvent the wheel on your blog if you’ve already created content elsewhere!

Just add a blurb (at least) to each so there’s some text in the post. And use Yoast SEO if you’re on WordPress! (See tip #3 above.)

#11 Accessibility + Design Matter

Be mindful of your website’s design. Your website should be accessible and easy to use — you wanna do things like use alt tags for your images, keep a streamlined navigation (menu bar), use subheadings, and keep your paragraphs short (2-3 sentences long) so they’re easier to digest.

“Thoughtful, sustainable design = killer SEO.”

#12 clarity over cleverness

Use clarity over cleverness in your copy. Remember that you want to use words and phrases that your audience is likely to look up via a search engine.

Even if you don’t do keyword research, use common sense: what phrases do they use when they ask you questions? When they communicate via social media?

Use them in your copy both to appeal to the right people and so they can find you through Google.

AMP up your posts - 21 SEO Strategies to Rank Higher in Google - Website Superhero

#13 AMP it up

Set up AMP for your posts. It’s fast, easy, and free! Of all the SEO strategies to rank higher in Google, this is one of the most often overlooked.

#14 Just say “No” to slideshows

Kill your carousel a.k.a. slideshow. Still got one? Read this to see why you should eliminate it ASAP.

#15 Make your blog SEO-friendly

Use the Ultimate SEO for Bloggers Checklist every time before you hit “publish” and you’ll be way ahead of the game!

#16 Sexy got back(links)

Build those backlinks to get more free + targeted website traffic!

#17 Make use of your Google Analytics data

Use Google Analytics to see what content on your website is most popular, so that you can create more content like it!

Say you have a blog post everybody loves… here are ideas on what you could do:

  • Create a content upgrade for it to build your list and then promote the shizz out of it to get more people on your website (and list)!
  • Start a video series diving deeper into the topic!
  • Create an opt-in that’s an email-based mini course!
  • Create a full-on course or service based on that content!
  • And so on!

Here are other ways you can use Google Analytics for your business, too.

Increase traffic and keep people on your website longer - 21 SEO Strategies to Rank Higher in Google - Website Superhero

#18 Increase traffic

Increase traffic to your website. For every hour you spend creating content, may say you should spend 4 hours promoting it (WHOA, right?).

Click over for great information on supercharging your website traffic.

#19 Keep people on your website longer

Here are 3 ways you can keep visitors from clicking away so you can lower your bounce rate and impress Google.

The longer people stay on your website, the more Google understands that people are getting what they expect when they arrive, and that you aren’t misleading your audience. It helps build trust with Google!

#20 Power up your pages

Use Power Pages as part of your SEO strategy. This means writing an in-depth piece of content around your focus keyword. Find out more about Power Pages here.

#21 Focus on usability

Can your users find what they need easily and quickly? If not, move things around and maybe fix your navigation.

Are there a lot of broken links? Fix those suckers (and find them with this plugin or if you’re not on WordPress, use the W3C Link Checker).

Are you following web design best practices to give your users the best experience possible?

All this matters, and if you follow the tips via these links, you can have amazing usability on your website!

Fix broken links - 21 SEO Strategies to Rank Higher in Google - Website Superhero

Okay, that’s it! What did you think of these SEO strategies to rank higher in Google? I have a ton more to share, but all in due time (plus, if you’ve made it this far down the page? You deserve all the healthy gluten-free dairy-free cookies you want!

When will you see results from these SEO Strategies to Rank Higher in Google?

As you implement these steps, keep at it and practice patience (you can do it!). Remember that it takes some time for results to show on Google (and other search engines too).

Here are insightful findings from an Ahrefs study:

  • A page (not website) that ranked in the top 10 was on average over 2 years old
  • The average age of pages that ranked first was nearly 3 years old
  • Among the pages that ranked in the top 10, only 22% were younger than 1-year-old
  • Of all pages studied, only about 6% appeared in the top 10 search engine results for at least one keyword within one year
  • Of these top 6% pages, most of them were able to get to the top 10 from nowhere in 2-6 months

So of course, SEO isn’t an overnight thing, it’s something requires ongoing effort. The good news is that it can be easy and straightforward to achieve your Google goals!

I hope you can see the great value in these SEO strategies to rank higher in Google — some are deceptively simple and quick, while others take longer to execute — and all are worth doing if you’re an online business owner!

How many of these SEO strategies to rank higher in Google have you already implemented? Do you have questions on implementing the rest? Comment below for help!

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