Interact Quiz Tutorial & First Impressions!

Interact Quiz Tutorial and First Impressions by Website Superhero

If you think quizzes aren’t cool anymore, I’ve come across a software that’s going to change your mind! I’m bringing you an Interact quiz tutorial and my first impressions on this entrepreneur-friendly software. (If you can’t wait, click here to explore Interact now.) Plus, it’d been a while since my last tutorial, so let’s do this!

I’m pumped to report that the days of clunky quiz plugins are gone! Hands down, Interact is the most impressive quiz software I’ve ever seen. I was hooked from the moment I got my demo.

You can pick form a pre-made quiz template you can customize (to save time and get ideas — Interact has over 100 pre-made quizzes!) or make a quiz from scratch if you’ve got something unique or pretty specific in mind.

Before you jump into the Interact quiz tutorial below, I recommend you get clear on what you want, create your questions and answers, and decide how you’re going to get to each answer category. If nothing else, do it before you set up your quiz if you’d like to be more efficient.

Here are some of Interact’s most impressive features (which vary per plan):

  • You can customize the design, of course, my horse!
  • Branching logic! Depending on how users answer questions, they will or won’t be shown certain next questions.
  • It integrates with a ton of excellent email marketing services, from MailChimp to ConvertKit and Ontraport.
  • Drop-off graphs: see exactly where you’re losing people in the quiz so you can modify your questions for better engagement! (LOVE this!)
  • Individual user insights: see how each person interacted with your quiz. (Swoon!)
  • Facebook pixel tracking: so you can promote your quiz with Facebook ads and easily track results!
  • Integration with different website platforms: from WordPress to Squarespace and more!
  • You don’t need another plugin to update that’s going to weigh down your site — you can set it all up on their website and embed the quiz on your website. Boom!
  • GDPR-compliant: you can supremely easily make this a GDPR-compliant quiz. I asked and the peeps over at Interact planned it to make it easy for us. YAY.

I’m particularly excited about Interact’s intuitive interface and outstanding analytics insights.

So I went right ahead and created a fun skin type quiz for one of my clients to try it out, grow their mailing list, and tell you all about it! Here we go…

Interact Quiz Tutorial

Setting up your account

This part of the process was mostly smooth sailing: follow the prompts to go with a template or start from scratch, that sort of thing. I wanted to make a “what’s your skin type?” quiz, so I went into the Beauty category, picked the Personality Quiz option, and actually found a skin type quiz template to use!

Once you’re past that part, you get here:

As you can see, they show you a lot in one screen to make more accessible for us. And I love seeing the bullet points under section so I know what each section includes; this saves me time when I’m looking for something specific if I’m starting and stopping as I set it all up.

Branding your quiz

Oooh the fun part! Guuuuuurl get your color codes, favorite Google font, and an image you wanna use and you can make your quiz branded and super pretty, like I did here:

Interact makes it very simple to plug in your color codes and pick your desired font from a dropdown menu. Here’s also where you can click on the lines of text and modify what it says!

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! ?

Set up your questions & answers

If you click on “Content” (right next to “Styles” in the sidebar), you’ll get to the questions and answers part.

Now, if you chose a template like I did, you’ll see the questions and answers are pre-filled, so all you have to do is replace them with your own by clicking on the block of text, etc. you’d like to edit! Here’s also where you can add a fun picture for each question (or hide it) — and even use image answers instead of word answers! Look:

Interact Quiz Tutorial - setting up questions and answers
Click to enlarge


If you chose the right/wrong type of quiz, you can set the correct answer for each question right below the image where it says “Set correct answer.” Now, if instead you chose the Personality Test quiz style like I did, where there’s no one right answer and instead you’re finding out about people, you’ll be able to correlate each answer to a different result (in a visual way which I find very cool):

Interact Quiz Tutorial - correlate answers with results
Click to enlarge

Once you get to editing the answers (which you can do underneath the questions) you’ll be able to link each result to a page on your website / a YouTube video / a podcast episode / etc. based on your respondents’ individual result! How neat is that?

For example, for my client (a skincare company) I made a new product collection for each skin type, and linked each result to its corresponding skin type skincare plan recommendation page on the website. Sweet!

Integrating Interact with your email service

This will, of course, depend on which email marketing service you use, but Interact already integrates with many killer services. My client uses Klaviyo (fantastic for e-commerce stores, BTW) so that’s what you’ll see in the screenshot. But know that it integrates with everything from Mailchimp to Pardot!

Once you get to “Map quiz data to your email list,” here’s also where you will be linking different outcomes to different lists.

Here’s what that looks like with Klaviyo email service, with the example outcomes of different skin types, when I tie the Dry Skin results to the Dry Skin contact list:

Interact Quiz Tutorial - set up quiz results with lists
Click to enlarge
Interact Quiz Tutorial - tie result to contact list
Click to enlarge

For example, if you’re a health coach and decide to make a quiz about gut issues, instead of the skin types outcomes, you might have the following outcomes to your quiz based on people’s answers: 1. candida, 2. gluten intolerance, 3. dairy intolerance.

In that case, you’d go into your email service and set up a separate list for each outcome. That way, when a person completes the quiz and gets the result of candida, she can be automatically added to the candida list and also get her specific result with recommendations, resources, or whatever awesomeness you’ll be providing in her inbox (or you can just present results via the Interact app). That’s what this step in the Interact quiz tutorial is all about — to make sure your users get what they need once they finish the quiz! Plus, this way you’re segmenting your new subscribers based on their quiz outcome ?

Share your quiz

You’re done! (Check out my finished skin type quiz here.) I suggest you test your quiz first by embedding it your website on a private page and taking it yourself, plus checking your email service to ensure you’re getting added to the correct list.

Once you’ve confirmed that everything works as it should, share it with the world! Ideas to share your quiz far and wide:

  • Make a pop-up on your website that takes people to that page
  • Promote it via ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you name it
  • Write blog posts about topics related to the quiz and end all posts with the CTA to take the quiz
  • Invite your subscribers to take the quiz too!
  • Ask your fellow biz owner friends to share your quiz with their audiences, if there’s overlap with your own

Interact Quiz First Impressions

I wanna be fair to you, so since before sharing the Interact quiz tutorial I shared my first impressions during the demo, I also want to share my first impressions upon actually using the software.

Here are recommendations based on my experience:

  • It doesn’t matter with which section you begin organizing your quiz: branding, questions, opt-in setup. You can easily go back and forth! That’s pretty cool.
  • Get really clear about which quiz type you should choose before you begin. If you’re not sure, reach out to Interact for advice! I say this because if you’re almost done setting everything up and you can’t get the answers to line up with the outcomes the way you wanted, and to do that you’d need a different quiz type, then you’ll need to create a whole new quiz from scratch — you can’t switch quiz types halfway through. This happened to me. It wasn’t so bad: I kept both the old quiz and the new quiz open and copied/pasted to save time. ?
  • Give yourself time to make your first quiz. If it’s your first time working with an Interact quiz tutorial it up (scroll back up)! All new software takes a little time to get used to. Duh.
  • It’s awesome. I can’t believe I found a template that I could have literally used as-is for my client’s quiz. (I didn’t because I’d already spent so much time coming up with original content, that I wanted to use it!)

All right, now that you’ve read the Interact quiz tutorial, you can go set up your own with Interact! And with the first impressions that followed, you know what to look out for to make your experience fast and easy (even if the last time you set up a quiz is a few years ago orrr never)!

How’d you like this Interact quiz tutorial & my first impressions?
Are you ready to make your next (or first!) quiz to grow your list?

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