Blog like this to attract more readers (and clients)

blog like this

The lovely & health-conscious ladies at HBC (Health Bloggers Community) Magazine interviewed me! I shared a favorite content marketing/SEO tip a.k.a. blog like this to attract more readers (and clients) and some best practices to make your website sell for you 24/7 — because that’s its job, isn’t it?

We talked about:

  • A great SEO & content marketing pointer to use when blogging to get you more readers who need help with your specialty (this is actionable advice that works on your website but also on YouTube and similar platforms)
  • The most overlooked aspect of your website
  • A little about my story creating Website Superhero
  • And more

If you feel intimidated by SEO, this will help ?. And if you’re in the wellness community (particularly if you’re a coach or influencer) you may also enjoy checking out the rest of their website!

Here’s a sample of the interview for you:

Blog like this to attract more readers (and clients)

Do you think SEO still has a relevant place when it comes to discoverability and reach?

Absolutely! As long as we use search engines I imagine SEO (search engine optimization) will remain both relevant and important. A good way to think of SEO is in terms of following best practices. SEO is basically taking reasonable steps to ensure Google and its ilk favor the content on your website when people search for topics that you mention.

It can get as complicated as you want, but really if you follow some basic guidelines, such as using the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress websites and heeding the tips provided, you’ll see results. What you need to have rank is high-quality content (such as blog posts and pages on your website that discuss topics in depth) and you should have a decent idea of which keywords to target with that content; in other words, which specific topics you should be exploring in your content.

For example, if you’re a health coach who focuses on treating issues with the gut, you’ll want to explore subjects under that umbrella — and your keywords should include phrases and terms that your clients use as opposed to jargon.

So when you share recipes, you should include something about the gut in the title and throughout that piece of content, e.g. “Morning smoothie recipe to debloat and calm your gut” instead of “delicious morning smoothie recipe with raspberries.”

If your clients complain of indigestion or ‘stomach cramps after lunch’, go ahead and use that in a blog post like, “Do you have stomach cramps after lunch? Here’s how to treat indigestion.”

Then follow the advice from Yoast SEO to optimize the text before you hit publish. This alone can go a long way and the positive effects can last for years and years to increase your traffic and even your backlinks if the content is rich enough that others would want to link to it. This is basic content marketing, with a big SEO overlap.

Focus on the content that will bring value to your clients and thereby help them trust you.

Click here to read the rest of the interview on HBC Magazine!

Psst… want to dive deeper with your SEO? Read the definitive guide to SEO for coaches or reach out to work together!

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