Love from my amazing clients:

LGI was hesitant at first due to bad experiences with web people in the past. But your knowledge, organization, and suggestions in our initial call as well as your proposal cured my fears.

Before, my business was not where it needed to be on the internet and I knew it, but had no idea what to do.

Now, my business will be more visible and can progress to the next level. I learned a lot and feel more confident. You made it fun and easy when it could have been overwhelming.

– Lisa Garcia, Food Coach & Registered Dietitian

LetiWorking with you was very enriching at every stage; you gave me excellent advice on how to build a site for my business and thanks to you, I have made several sales!!

Now, I’m able to run my own business effectively and in an organized way.

Working with you was essential for developing my business and I trust you 100%!

– Leticia Mello, Curator & Founder at |Room for Kunst

CSI had worked with web people before but I found the process overwhelming and I wasn’t always happy with the end result, so I was very apprehensive about hiring again.

You made the process easier and your explanations taught me how to update content myself, so I didn’t have to call you every time I needed something little done.

I loved the end product and you helped me through my struggles by taking it one step-at-a-time. This really helped me not become overwhelmed.

I would recommend you to others because you’re easy to work with. You understand the frustrations of non-web designers.

– Carole Schaffer, Encore Journeys

ClarissaAMAZING! I feel happy every day when I look at my new professional website. It represents everything I wanted my brand to represent and it’s a part of my business I don’t have to worry about anymore.

Before Website Superhero, it was like I was trying to learn rocket science and stressed the hell out.

My hesitation was the cost and if it would be worth my investment, but here is the thing I figured out really fast. . . I had no clue what the hell I was doing on my own, and I figured I would be better off hiring someone than forcing myself to learn code and design when what I really wanted to do was focus on my business.

I honestly loved working with you and there is nothing that I think I would change.

Would I recommend you to others? HELL THE FREAK YES!

– Clarissa Rodriguez, Girl, Budget Life

RenaeI was hesitant but decided to hire a website guru because I felt overwhelmed and had no idea what I was doing.

And I’m so glad I did because you’re amazeballs! I felt like I was chatting to a friend the whole time we worked together and you get sh*t done!

You have been an absolute dream to work with – so helpful and beyond patient!

You had everything taken care of and made the process stress-free and so easy for me. The overwhelm has gone and now I am excited!

– Renae Napolion, Health Coach, Ohsowellness

Mary[Before, I was] frustrated by website jargon and design. [Now,] not only does my website look awesome, I understand a WHOLE lot more through your guidance as well as the tutorials.

[Now,] I have a website that works FOR me. You’re real, prompt and follow through on your word. You are top quality and you definitely make sure the customer is satisfied!

– Mary Sabo, Life and Happiness Coach

ConnieCreating my own little space in the cyber world was a task I DREADED! It brought me stress, anxiety, and exhaustion.

If I could go back in time, I would hire you from the get-go instead of spending months pulling my hair out trying to figure out what the f$@k I was doing.

You have been one of the best business investments ever!

– Connie Trowbridge, Holistic Health Coach

SusanYour communication skills are #1! You make my life easier and stress-free! [You’ve] got mad skillz and [are] an excellent teacher for the tech-challenged (ME).

You’re always eager to help and go the extra mile. Plus, everything looks and has been working beautifully and I get SO many compliments on it.

– Susan Ferraro, Law of Attraction Coach

AndreaEverything was excellent. I really enjoyed the great communication and everything I learned with you, including how to use WordPress, which was completely new to me.

I love my new website and would recommend you with my eyes closed because you’ve helped me so much.

– Andrea Zambrana, Health Coach

MariaI was burned in the past by a designer who dumped me, so I was hesitant, I’ll be honest. But since I’d seen your work, I knew I wanted to work with you.

I enjoyed that you are kind and patient — you don’t get annoyed easily (or at all!).

Before [Website Superhero], I had a crappy website. Now, my new website is amazing! I’ve gotten tons of praise on it!

I would absolutely recommend you to others because you care about your work.

– Maria Claps, Health Coach

BevI knew I wanted to hire a woman who understood my vision and scope of the project.

I expect honesty, integrity, and transparency. You delivered, and with a quick response time too!

Woot! Looks great!

– Beverly Murray, Writer

MelissaYou gave me the solution to something I’ve been geeking out on for months. I wish I would have known about you 5 months ago!

…Get your name on her client list before her calendar fills up!

– Melissa Burkheimer, Creative Direction / Design/ Social Strategy

AngelaBefore we started working together, I was hesitant due to pain in the a** experiences in the past and felt frazzled. Now, I feel excited about my new great website.

The 3 major benefits of working with Website Superhero are professionalism, clarity, and great quality work, and I also enjoyed your patience, positive demeanor and spirit of kicking me into action!

– Angela Griffiths, Chiropractor

JennyI was planning on doing it all myself to save money. But the added ease and security promised in getting my website set up made the investment worth it.

[Before,] my website was just a basic blog, I didn’t know how to get started. I felt lost and you helped me feel like I had a guide/mentor/friend who knew what was going on.

– Jenny Livingood, Recovery Comes Alive

DaniI thought working with a web developer was going to be this really difficult and unpleasant process, but it’s not!

And I’m stoked! You got my vision and were able to make it happen for me.

– Dani Stout, Health Coach

RyanAI was in a fast-paced fog before I spoke to Natalia. She really helped me hone in and get clear on where I was having issues with my site.

I have worked with nearly 100 web developers over the years. You know your stuff and are direct and honest about problems. This is refreshing and necessary.

Bottom line: I highly recommend you get on the cape of this superhero!

– Ryan Argentieri, Silver Mountain Solutions

EmeryNatalia quickly demonstrated herself as an over-achiever and delivered with excellence. Above and beyond.

I recommend her because before we started working together, our situation was 101. Natalia is 304.

Working with Natalia has elevated the ability of the LadyFest Miami website. Her recommendation literally expanded our capacity.

– Emery Grant, Programming Co-Chair at LadyFest Miami

SYI felt like there was a monster in the closet waiting to pounce on me. You flickered the light on and I can see it’s just a coat. A coat that I can use to help me and my business.

You listened intently to our goals and challenges. From there, you explained and demonstrated the steps that will get us to our goals and through our challenges.

I would recommend you to others because you’re a wonderful person and a fantastic website guru.

– Sara Yousuf, CEO at The Plantain

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