Frequently Asked Questions


I'm a total newb. Is it okay if I have zero technical know-how or don't know what I don't know?

Not a problem! This is very common and it’s why I’m here! You can purchase a Rescue Session during which I’m happy to explain the best options for your needs, help you brainstorm and strategize how to structure your content, or anything else you may need. FYI, both of my custom website packages include a 1-hour Superhero Strategy a.k.a. Rescue Session (the premium package includes two so we can dive even deeper).

How responsive are you? I've had bad experiences with other web designers/developers and I don't want to be left waiting for your answer for a week.

Worry not, sister! This is my full-time job and I take it quite seriously. I get back to my peeps within 48 business hours.

I want a website... and I need you to meet my deadline. How do I know you can do that?

Your personal Website Superhero can do it (and if I can’t, I’ll tell you during our free intro chat). What I need is for you to get back to me within 48 business hours too with all your answers so we can meet your deadline, though. Deadlines work both ways!

A few more deets: Deposit secures your spot. Timelines are approximate and contingent on you providing the following:

  • 50% deposit + contract signed
  • Questionnaire + logins form filled out
  • All content delivered to me (copy, images, videos, PDFs, etc.)
  • You getting back to me within 48 business hours
I'd looove a website to take my biz to the next level -- but I'm kinda freaked out by all this techy stuff. Will there be any hand-holding? I need some hand-holding.
Absolutely! One of the big reasons I work with women is because too many of us are scared of technology — and I want to change this. We need more women in technology — and also more women in all fields who aren’t scared of technology. I want you to be in the know, understand what’s up, feel relieved, and feel comfortable with the process. And I’m pretty good at it. I’ve got your back.
Your website packages are rocking my polka dot socks off -- but I want to go balls to the wall and get a branding expert on my side / sell my products and services / set up a membership site to sell my e-course that's gonna change the world / other fabulous things!

Can do, world-changer! Lemme know and I’ll be happy to give you a custom quote!

What if halfway through a project, I want to make a major change or make my website do fancier stuff?

If you’d like to add extras, I can absolutely do that for you. If it’s not part of our original contract, I’ll be happy to add it on at my hourly rate or give you a fixed quote depending on the extra. À la carte items added on at this time are charged up-front to keep things organized.

I'm really pumped and dying to work with you... but do you offer payment plans for your website packages?
Absolutely. Inquire within!
What happens after you make me a rad website that sells the hell out of all my stuff? Will you teach me the ropes of my new site enough so I can make small changes myself? And what if my website disappears?(!?!?!?)

The Game-Changer package comes with a video tutorial on anything within the project scope that you may want to learn — how to switch up your header image, change images in your sidebar, change fonts or colors, change up your freebie, etc. Anything that fits into a 20-min video counts. And if you choose the Turn Heads package, you can add on a video tutorial for $150. So I’ve got ya covered there! And if your website disappears or some other calamity happens, the 12 months of automated backups I’ll set up for you means that I can swoop in and restore one of your backups in a flash, bringing your website back to life. Ta-DAH!

Is the deposit for a custom website refundable? I'm kinda wishy-washy on this.

Sorry, but the deposit is non-refundable because I am making room in my schedule and saying no to another project for you when you book a spot to work with me. But if you need to reschedule or make a big change to the project, I’m happy to accommodate you if you let me know at least three weeks in advance. Besides, I love working with ambitious women entrepreneurs who are ALL IN and wanna rock their website! If you’re not sure you want an excellent site, we’re not a good fit right now.

How often do you wash your cape? And do you use magical fairy detergent to wash it?

Oh, you know, it depends on many times a week I take it to fly around town. Usually once a week suffices, and I use vegan, biodegradable laundry detergent that isn’t tested on animals. Because dogs and rabbits should be cuddled, not be subject to having chemicals rubbed into their eyes, amirite? (Of course!)

How do you spend your free time? Are you a huge geek-a-zoid that lives in a dungeon or what?

HA. Fair question. Naw, I actually have social skills, like talking to people (I actually invite my custom website clients to get on the phone/Skype with me a couple of times or more during the duration of our projects), go outside (I’m peeling from a sunburn as I write this!), exercise (racquetball and yoga!), meditate, cook gluten-free pescetarian meals, and hang out with other humans (not just my pup) at live comedy, trivia, art galleries, and more. I also loooooove to travel. Northern Europe is my favorite place in the world!


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